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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Knowledge Management: Transition Associates & KMP Internet

Reach deeply inside information


Westerham and Stockport, England: In this episode of the show we go inside truly global businesses that are changing the way we know things and understand who we are. They are each uniquely helping us all get the information revolution under control and helping to open the way to a knowledge evolution.

You'll meet Miles Corbett and David Bowden and their team in Westerham, England. In their hands information becomes knowledge, and their programs are saving businesses millions of dollars every year.

Then later in the show, you will meet Bill Daring, Jon Keefe, Nick Smith and the team at KMPInternet of Stockport. They are eliminating mundane tasks from the work area and creating access paths over the barriers between languages.
Historically, if knowledge were on a grocery shelf, it would have been among the most perishable items. Here we meet people who are giving knowledge much more shelf space, at a much lower cost, and as a durable good.

Today intellectual property is as important as physical property. Physical property sustains the body -- food and shelter; intellectual property sustains the mind, imparting meaning and value to one's life.  (All the video)

The information revolution in six episodes

With this episode and five others, the door is opened on the ever-increasing  disintermediation of space and time through technology.   The door is opened on the merging of six major industries whereby the acronym creates a new muscle group.  Broadcasting, Information, Communications, Education, Publishing and System renders the word BICEPS. 

The other episodes are:
1.   e-business
2.   Web basics and Virtual Offices
3.   Intellectual Property over the Internet Protocol (IP/IP)
4.   Internet and Information Security
5.   Collaboration

Inventions stir economies

Study intellectual property and the heart of invention.
Explore all these videos yourself, and you will never be the same.

Transform Raw Data Into Knowledge

3:25 | Play Now | Miles Corbett's award-winning software company turns a client's complex institutional information into a coherent body of understandable and useful content. 

Keep Improving

0:57 | Play Now | David Bowden, a partner in Transition Associations, says that capturing what employees learn so that it can be passed on to others is a precursor to growing the company.

Admit Mistakes

0:56 | Play Now | The owners of Transition Associates fired a bad hire as fast as they fix mistakes in their code.

Give Up Free Wheeling

1:07 | Play Now | Owner David Bowden works through problems with an employee.  To support growth, David and his partner had to put procedures in place and then stick to them.

Give Employees Unlimited Connections

1:47 | Play Now | Employees at Transition Associates can work from any where in the world.

Partner with Other Big Brains

1:28 | Play Now | David Bowden and Miles Corbett launched their business knowing they needed each other.

Charge for Insight

1:20 | Play Now | All small businesses charge top dollar for artful and unique products and services.

Automate the Mundane

1:42 | Play Now | Take away the dull boring jobs to free smart employees to sell and service customers.

Adopt the Musketeer Mentality

1:45 | Play Now | The KMP Internet partners inspire a team approach to getting work done.

Hire the Off Beat

1:17 | Play Now | Nickk Smith worked as a human canonball before he joined KMP Internet.

Think Tomorrow, Sell Today

1:33 | Play Now | Bill Daring and his partner Jon Keefe balance their time between making products people need and will buy today against what they have to be creating for the future.

Go After the Chinese Market

1:52 | Play Now | With Internet translation services the world becomes one marketplace.

Force Marketing and IT to Work Together

1:36 | Play Now | Jon Keefe says his company helps clients  blend marketing and IT to increase profits.

Win Coveted Awards

1:21 | Play Now |  Small companies can look big by winning international awards.