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Last Update: Monday June 21, 2021

The Lightbulb within each episode of the show

Examples of a Lightbulb segment

There are over 300 episodes that have been examined for the video content on this web site.  Of the 2000+ video clips there are  over 100 lightbulb segments.  There are a few examples that follow. The name of the business goes to the lightbulb and the name of the founder goes to that episode's homepage:

  1. Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Anne Bieler
  2. Biosite, Kim Blickenstaff
  3. Cowgirl Enterprises, Donna Baase
  4. EcoNatural Solutions, Debra St. Claire
  5. Record Technology, Don McInnis
  6. Rowland Coffee Roasters, The Souto brothers
  7. XTO, (once Cross Timbers),  Steve Palko
  8. Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Mingo, Ed,  Wing, and  Steve

Lifelong learning for small business owners.

In every show Hattie stops for a minute or two to ask: "What have we heard? What have we seen? What are we learning?" People tell us that they look forward to this segment of the show -- that the ideas are useful and the attitude is inspirational!

For every episode of the show, first begin with the Overview (also referred to as an Executive Summary and Profile page) to get a sense of that episode's parameters. Then, take a look at key points in the Case Study Guide. Most often, one of those  key points is the Lightbulb segment back in the studio.  Here Hattie is identifying a big idea or the Key Idea of this small business owner.

If you read the transcript, watch the video, listen to the audio, you will also see or hear the lightbulb.

A speaker for conferences and conventions. When asked to speak around the country, Hattie talks about the content within many of these lightbulbs. One of those speeches, Small Business is Big Business, captures the essence, purpose and vision  of this show.