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Last Update: Saturday September 25, 2021

E-Poxy Engineered Materials

He came to the land of freedom...

ALBANY, NEW YORK: Infrastructure.  Chemistry.  Bonding.  All keys for business success, but in this particular show, we discuss them literally. You can find E-poxy working within the foundations of Statue of Liberty and absorbing the stresses within bridges around the world. 

You will meet  the founder -- a man who was a WWII refugee. His name is Don Dzekciorius. For years his mother kept him and his three siblings moving just beyond the battlefields. They managed to come to America from Lithuania on a boat that passed under the watch of the Statue of Liberty. Don has since built a good business from nothing. He employs people. He became the president of a regional manufacturers' president organization where they proudly say, "We made it in America." He gives generously to his community. But best yet, he exports his special chemistry all over the world.

Don's company, E-poxy Engineered Materials, makes the product that holds things together.  His secret recipe is used to create water-tight expansion joints that hold up the Statute of Liberty and plenty of bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge.   

He has been in business since 1976. In that time he has created hundreds of jobs, and he has generated millions in sales. And, in so many ways, he has made the world a better place.

Land High Visibility Customers

3:09 | Play Now  |  E-Poxy's most famous customer is the Statue of Liberty. For small business there is nothing better than credible customers which serve as a testimony to, and validation of, one's capabilities. More... A point of interest: 18,000+ soldiers make the largest Statue of Liberty

Protect Your Ideas

2:47 | Play Now  |  E-Poxy's product is made from a secret formula.

Sell Systems

2:32 | Play Now  |   E-Poxy customers keep coming back because this Evazote 380 delivers on its promise.

Hire Interns

1:24 | Play Now  |  Miguel Puente is a college student and an intern at E-Poxy. He is bilingual and makes telephone sales calls into international markets.

Be the Quality Provider

1:17 | Play Now  |  One of the great benefits of being the quality provider is you can recruit great employees.

Launch a Bankable Business

2:33 | Play Now

In 1971 Don Dzekciorius convinced a banker to make him a loan to get started.

Keep Overhead Low

1:17 | Play Now  |  Don Dzekciorius kept his overhead low by using a gas station phone booth as his office.

Be Involved in Your Trade Association

2:48 | Play Now  |  Keep up with rules, regulations, technology and product trends and meet the kind of people who can advise you by being involved in your trade associations.

Stay Fresh

0:54 | Play Now  |  Host Hattie Bryant says that Don has three techniques for gathering fresh ideas.

Give to Your Community

3:29 | Play Now  |  Don helped to build this soccer field in his neighborhood.

Invest in Technology

1:45 | Play Now  | he younger generation is great at pushing for more technology. Don's son, Joel, convinced his Dad that more connectivity and speed will pay for itself.