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Distribution is a high-tech, systems business.

Meet David Arnold and The King Company


Austin:  Here is a study of the American dream.  It isn't always perfect, but it works and works well. It is about people like David Arnold who started selling watches on weekends to supplement his income.

He was a high school coach. The trunk of the family car was always filled with samples. He and his wife would go just about anywhere in Texas to find a new drugstore to carry his brand of time. When we taped this story, David had 65 employees and $50 million in annual sales. To create this American dream story, David did a lot of things right.

First, he took the leap; he sharpened his focus; and he made his avocation his work.  Then, he was always shooting for a slightly better way. Because he knew that he would set his sites on highest levels of achievement; he named this new business, The King Company.

Next, he focused on his team. Team players. And his weight-lifting center was only a metaphor for his goal of building the strengths of each person on that team. David then focused on getting people on base. Know your stuff! And, before long, each of his people began helping others to get on base. They began scoring. They began winning. Each day. Small victories.

Remember, this is the King Company. Constantly reaching for a higher perfection, they looked at efficencies. And, here is where the paperless trail opens up. These folks were always early adopters of technology. Why? Because the efficencies made it possible for more people to get on base, to be moved around, and to score.

This is the story of business. No great secrets, just an unfailing, unwavering dedication to getting better. Constantly.

Now the story gets better for David and his customers. Not only was the operation smooth, winning against the competition, it was so good, his primary supplier wanted to buy into this business. This is one of the liquidity models that we have been discussing here.

David quietly offered to sell some his equity and Fossil and Seiko were quick to buy it. And, of course, the focus gets changed. Now, to reflect the participation of these supplier/partners, David rebranded his business as SII Marketing International.

To continue learning from David, let us look at ways he applied the most sophisticated technologies to the business of ordering, warehousing, selling, shipping and financial transaction processing (collecting on accounts receivable within minutes not 30-60 days). The watch industry is one of the oldest, but here we learn about some of the newest business practices to create profits and a foundation for the future.

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Walk the Walk. Business is about creating something of value. When you create an abundance, you have something to sell. There are no short cuts. Learn here from business owners who are loved within their community and respected in their industry; they answer thousands of key questions about growing a business, i.e. How do I find great employees?

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