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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Some startups will become a billion dollar business!

Meet Bill Hagstrom; he did an IPO...


Oklahoma City: This episode of the show was done to learn how to take a company public. Here the founder had raised the first-round of private equity investment to commercialize his invention but didn't know how to run the business and get those products into the market. 

The early-stage investors brought in Bill Hagstrom (pictured above).

We see that it took a person with Bill's experience to get this disease management business into gear. Today UroCor provides a comprehensive range of services for detecting, diagnosing and managing bladder, prostate and other complex urologic conditions.

Under Bill's leadership, in just six years UroCor grew to $25 million in sales with 200 employees. One of UroCor's biggest obstacles was recruiting experienced leadership from large health care companies in the East.

This episode of the show is about going public and recruiting good people; but most of all, it is about constantly learning.

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About The Stars of this Television Show

All the people who appear as the stars of this television show are recommended by their community for their integrity and by theiron the air industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, SAIC, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

Here's living proof. Each story is totally different, but share the same results.

Plus, look at what separates these stories from so many others. These people on this television show are generous within their community. They are known for their integrity. And, they are educators within their industry. There are over 300 episodes to study.

What is your new insight? Do you have deep thoughts and a special love for a powerful idea? With that, can you create something most everybody wants or needs? Of course, that will require a little bit of genius. But, you have it.*

How about love? Meet Neil Clark Warren (below). A home? Meet Frank Jao and Ebby Halliday. Energy? See what Steve Palko and Bob Simpson have done. No matter what you do, be like every one of these people; they work everyday to make this world a better place.

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Start a Business

People told them, "It's a stupid idea." Today, this business is on its way to become a billion-dollar business while they change an industry which will ultimately result in lower health care costs for everyone.

Key Question: How do I start a business?


Grow a Business

Meet Frank Jao. He came to the USA with $0. Within a day he was selling vacuum cleaners. Within a year he was selling houses. Within four years he was developing commercial property. Today, he's known as the father of Little Saigon, a home for Vietnamese who have come to the USA. (All the video)

Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Meet Ebby Halliday, a pioneer in real estate. In 1947 she started selling homes; today she is an icon in her industry and one of the most generous people in Dallas. This is a remarkable story of an American legend who bought many businesses along her way to build a $6B empire.


Sell a Business
Meet Neil Clark Warren. He started working as a marriage counselor. Today, he is singularly responsible for more marriages than any other person in the world. The basic idea was simple: find a way for people to fall in love and stay in love. The result: he found paths into the deep interiority of the heart, mind and soul. Yet, to move this business into the fast lane, he had to sell equity within the business!

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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