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When you help others, you help yourself.

Boulder:  Although Jim Morris may look like an artist and talk like an environmentalist, he's a veteran businessman. He has been working at it since college and he has learned how to stay focused on his huge goals -- to save the earth and all her creations therein -- and to be a businessman, too.

Jim founded Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Company in 1977 and today does over $2 million in annual sales with about 15 employees.

In 1962 Rachel Carson's controversial book, Silent Spring, was first published and tender roots of the environmental movement found fertile ground. Jim Morris was barely in grammar school at that time, yet that book received his early attention.
By April 20, 1970, the first Earth Day, Jim was just beginning high school and his politics about the earth were being pushed further. He became an activist. By the time he entered college he was an advocate to make every day Earth Day. His special focus was on wildlife -- his first love, the grey wolf.

One might say that he has become the wolf's favorite friend and advocate. He is a different kind of person and his business is his life, his politics, his belief system... it defines his very being. He's on mission, driven by a vision of profound respect.

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Let us lift up positive role models for each other and our families:


Start a Business
Homepage: Meet Ron Altoon and Jim Porter. They started their own business that went global virtually overnight:
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» Jim says, "Learn what not to do,"
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Grow a Business
Homepage: Meet Pamela Rodgers of Woodhaven, Michigan. She should be Governor; she now knows how to turn a business around and state government is a business.
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» Make Service Your Backbone
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Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet Auntie Anne Beiler; she wants to change the world. She wants it to become a kinder, gentler place. She franchised her business and a lined formed to buy into her concept.
» Find an angel
» Participate in a powerful group
» Make your mission statement inspirational
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Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
Homepage: Meet Chef Thomas Keller. He was broke when he bought The French Laundry so he got 40+ investors to buy in early so he'd have the cash to launch. Today, his recipes are revolutionizing fine dining.
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» Take on investors, dozens of them!
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Learn eight possible ways to exit your business!

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