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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Perfection is a process. You can always make it better.

Breathing art into logs that become homes

Oregon: As a young ski instructor on Mount Hood, Mike Neary built his first log home for himself.  When friends and family all bragged on it and wanted a log home too, he knew he had stumbled on to his life's work.

Today his company, Oregon Log Homes, builds the most beautiful log homes in the world.  The National Home Builders Association gave it "The Best In American Living" award and that won the attention of Disney.  Oregon Log Home was given the opportunity to build the Fort Wilderness Lodge in Orlando.

While much of the work is done by hand, Mike invented a way to automate some of the process which keeps the company competitive while still thoroughly unique.

These are some of the things that we learned from Mike:

  1. Be Bold
  2. Make It Perfect
  3. Listen To Customers
  4. Let customers see what you do - Be Visible
  5. Think Like A Customer
  6. Win An Award
  7. Say Yes
  8. Let Others Take Over
  9. Teach What Repeats - Put Job Description in Writing
  10. Automate Art
  11. Sell A Dream

"Perfection is art that comes alive within a relational event." - BEC

Be Bold

3:03 | Play Now |  Oregon Log owner Mike Neary shares the mystique of log home living from his first 20-by-20 cabin at the base of Mt. Hood to his present day masterpieces.

Make It Perfect

2:41 | Play Now |  Jeff Patterson, Oregon Log's head of customer service, says Mike insistence on precision and craftmanship in every home is what keeps them leaders in the industry.

Listen To Customers

1:39 | Play Now |  Oregon Log's team of experts is always listening to customers to learn what they want to ensure they're meeting expectations and building the home of their dreams.

Let Customers See What You Do

3:02 | Play Now |  Founder Mike Neary learned the hard way that marketing takes time and money.

Think Like A Customer

1:35 | Play Now |  Selling becomes easy when you understand what your customers are really buying.

Win An Award

2:31 | Play Now |  Whenever there is an opportunity, submit your work for peer review within your national trade association.

Say Yes

2:57 | Play Now |  Necessity is the mother of invention! Even though you have never done something before, if you are confident and knowledgeable and think you can do it, say "Yes" to your customer and then go figure out how to fulfill their request. 

Let Others Take Over

1:43 | Play Now |  Oregon Log Home is no longer a one-man operation.  The founder has attracted some of the industry's most experienced and creative people.

Put Job Descriptions In Writing

1:29 | Play NowMike Neary believes that you need to clearly define the job for people and then get out of their way.

Automate Art

1:09 | Play Now | Technology is enabling Oregon Log to reach customers worldwide and increase the efficiency with which they build homes.

Sell A Dream

2:37 | Play Now | Jeff Patterson is in the dream-building business, turning house plans sketched on a paper napkin into a reality.