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Capturing the Glory of All Creation

   Meet Ken Duncan,  a great photographer. DUNCAN.JPG

Sydney, Australia: Find a way to extend your very best products -- faster, cheaper, better -- and you have a business. Couple that product or service with a sense of its deepest perfections, and you'll create intrigue and your business will be seen as special. It is at this point you can automate processes and openly extend your work as an art.  
In this episode of the show, you meet a man whose goal in life is to capture perfect moments and translate them into some of the most beautiful photography you'll ever see. Then he carved out a niche by automating that art. You can, too.

We travel to Sydney to spend time with a man who sees certain perfections throughout this world. Ken Duncan is forever trying to capture those perfect moments on film, and then to translate these moments to print so people can truly see the magnificance of all of creation around us.

He wants us all to stop and count our blessings and see the big picture. The photographs in his book, America Wide, will take your breath away.

All of us who are trying to create great businesses and make our world a better place struggle with the processes of creating something of value. Our executive producer, Bruce Camber, believes the value equation is inextricably interwoven by three fundamental principles that are shared by (1) the most basic tenets of science and mathematics, (2) the most perfect expressions of any religion, (3) the best of business, and (4) the best of governments.

The first principle defines our humanity and it is an urge to create order and its most basic function, a simple perfection, is continuity.

The second principle is relationality and its perfection is symmetry.

The third is dynamics and its rather complex perfection is harmony. If one were to go in the opposite direction of these three simple principles, one takes away value and goes in the direction of evil.

Once a product or service is interwoven with these three basic principles, it becomes valuable and at that point automation is just good business.

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There is a special spark of creativity driven by a sense of perfection.

People who have it are often called dreamers, idealists, perfectionists...

But with these people, it is different.  It is almost as if their work is focused on creating a gift. These gifts are freely given by  way of setting an example, but opening a door of insight, by creating a new benchmark for beauty...

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