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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Meetings America is proud of Salt Lake City, Utah and the USA

In love with showing off their city to visitors


Salt Lake City:  This story begins as a love affair with their hometown. Because their kids were in school and  they had time on their hands, these two Moms separately became tour guides for a tiny destination management company, Sample Salt Lake.  They would have volunteered they both loved it so much.  However, their destiny forever changed when the owner asked the two of them to take over the company. What happens next is a study of business cycles, values, and human relations.

Meet Judy Cannon and Kathleen Barnes. Eventually, they bought the business.  These two, and their cadre of part-time and full-time guides and planners, all love everything about this special place.

Judy and Kathleen changed the name to Meetings America and grew the business.  Among many other large clients, the 2002 Winter Olympics engaged them a  client.  Then one day,  the husband of one of the guides, Ralph Johnson, made them an offer they couldn't refuse! They sold the business! 

Buy a Business with a Promise

5:15 | Play Now  |  Judy Cannon and Kathleen Barnes bought a business with a promise -- faith, hope and a prayer --  that they would some day pay the owner out of profits.  The did.  Their love of city and deep faith paid off.

Leave Home to Grow

2:37 | Play Now  |  As these owners watched the business grow, they decided to move out of their homes and into commercial space.  Hindsight taught them they should have moved sooner.

Tell Your Story

3:31 | Play Now  |  Co-owner Judy Cannon says that to win business they tell their story with both passion and spreadsheets.

Hire Part-timers

4:15 | Play Now  |   Tour guides love showing off their hometown and working only a few hours a week.

Hire People Like You

2:36 | Play Now  |  The tour guides literally look like the owners and this is no surprise.  These ladies would probably never be hired to work in a Harley shop.  The way a person dresses and grooms can be a window to how they will fit on the team.

Bring in Money and Advice

0:55 | Play Now  |  The owners recruited some retired executives to help them grow.

Make Friends in High Places

2:10 | Play Now  |  The top brass at the local Marriott named Meetings America its tour company of record.

Thrive on Competition

3:27 | Play Now  |   These owners are happy to go after the challenging jobs.

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