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Last Update: Sunday July 25, 2021

Sell to someone close to you or someone like you!

Sell at the top of Your Game.  They did.


Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Bend, and San Diego: Three people tell you how they sold their business.  Lorraine Miller, Jim Schell and Peter Schenck, each wanted a change. They knew their business could live on and thrive so they went to work to find buyers who could take the business to the next level.

Selling your business is a little like the firstborn child leaving home. It takes a lot work and there is great relief and pride in seeing them live on without your day-to-day involvement.

In most every episode of the show we explore how and why the founder of the business got started. We usually spend time looking at ways they got over hurdles and how they choose the battles to fight, and even how they got up from the mud when they had been pushed down and walked on.

Here is a rare opportunity to learn from those who have fully completed all eight steps within the business cycle. 

For more study, go to the following:
1.   Review all eight possible ways to exit your business.
2.   Employee-Stock Ownership Plans can be specifically modified for the needs of the founder and the growth and direction of one's business. (Review all video)
3.  Find the highest bidder. Meet Bob Orenstein. He was flirting with burn out and decided to sell. First step, he engaged professionals to help.  He sold to a large, publicly-traded company for maximum return on his many years of investment.  You can too. Go to all the video.
4.  Find buyers for your business.

Sell-Don't Walk Away

1:09 | Play Now | Unfortunately, thousands of business owners simply close their doors when they lose interest and energy to run their companies. Host Hattie Bryant says that is not the best way to exit your business.

Sell If You'd Rather Play Golf

4:31 | Play Now | Jim Schell says that if you find reasons not to go to the office then it's time for you to sell. Also, there are these episodes with Jim: Opportunity Knocks and Staying Power.

Sell When It's Over Your Head

2:34 | Play Now | Lorraine Miller admitted that her business was getting too big for her to enjoy.

Tell the Right People You Want to Sell

1:53 | Play Now | Hattie discovered that when people know you want to sell, prospects can come from surprising places.

Put Family Ahead of Business

1:52 | Play Now | Peter Schenck decided watching his son grow up was more fascinating to him than the non-stop travel his customers demanded.

Sell At The Top of Your Game

2:24 | Play Now | Peter Schenck taught us that you can get a better price when things are going great than you can when you have grown sick and tired of the business. More...

Find Experts to Help You Sell

1:19 | Play Now | Hattie points out that experts will smooth the process and help you get a better price.

Create A Transferable Asset

6:07 | Play Now | You can only sell what others can buy and what they can take over and make their own.

Enjoy Life After the Sale

2:22 | Play Now | As you go through the process of selling your business, you have to prepare to reinvent your life. Know what you hope to be doing a year after the sale ...two years? ...five years? ...ten years? 

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