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VCW and the National Association Independent Truckers

She loved her new business into reality.


Kansas City:  In this episode of the show you meet Cheryl Womack.  She dared to resigned from the security of a job. 

Like so many of us, Cheryl became unhappy  when her boss asked her to train a new person to become her new boss. She was overlooked and underpaid, but she had learned the insurance industry from the inside out.  She left that company both sad and exasperated.  She knew she deserved that promotion. 

She was determined not to repeat the mistakes of an old boss. And, of course when you are unemployed, it did not take long for Cheryl to spot a niche to serve. 

It was 1981;  she started a company dedicated to providing insurance to the owners of those 18-wheeler trucks you see moving cargo up and down our highways. She worked for the first year out of the basement of her home with one phone line that had call waiting and no computer.  She barely had enough to eat and admitted that she would go on dates just to get a decent meal.  At the time of this taping, she had 75 employees and was doing $45 million in annual sales.

In 2002, when her annual revenues had reached $100 million, she sold her National Independent Truckers Association and now focuses almost entirely on encouraging women.  She launched a non-profit called, Leading Women, to recognize women in business. 

Leave a Bad Boss

4:15 | Play Now |

Cheryl Womack had the courage to leave a bad boss and then she went on to build a multi-million dollar operation.

Live on a Shoestring

2:41 | Play Now |

Keeping overhead low during the startup is often the only way a founder can build a strong foundation.

Create a Product Around a New Law

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Truckers who own their own rig turned out to be a sweet niche for a new company to serve.

Make Work Beautiful

1:28 | Play Now |

Wallpaper, wainscoting and hardwood floors can make work feel like a luxury home.

Find Fun Ways to Reward Employees

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Diamond bracelets for women who were being promoted put a smile on everyone's face.

Be Inspiring

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Employees are quick to say that the founder is excellent at communicating the vision of the company.

Put Plans in Writing

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Veteran entrepreneur, Jim Schell, says a written plan is just as important for your employees as it is for you.