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The President reflects the character of a business... and of a nation.

He risked the family ranch and almost lost it.

Fort Worth, Texas: Meet a man who loves his hometown.  He loves his Chamber of Commerce.  He loves being the best in his business.  And, he loves the people who make up Texas Jet, especially his employees and customers.  Meet Reed Pigman and let's go to a private airport just north of Fort Worth.

There are no lines. No crowds. No delays. Just red carpet treatment all the way. And, it is not just for the wealthy anymore. Here at Meacham Field and in 5000+ other small airports around the USA, small business owners service, sell, own, and use private jets. This is the other airport in town.

This is the story of Texas Jet, an FBO, Fixed-Base Operation; they provide all the ground-based services required by aircraft owners and operators. The term, FBO, originated back after World War I to describe the first aviation businesses that developed a permanent base of operations to deliver services at airports. That name stuck. Here we open the door of private jets, charters, fractionals, and empty legs. With the help of the Internet, you could be taking that flying leap.

Reed  says that his core customers are the pilots who  for many years now, voted Texas Jet to be one of the Top Ten Independent FBO's in the United States. So, out of 5,000+ choices, pilots say Reed and his team are among the best. There's more. As a distributor for Phillips 66 Jet Fuel, Reed also takes the lead. Texas Jet has been recognized by Phillips 66 as one of a hand-full of distinguished partners among some 600 distributors. 

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About The Stars of this Television Show

All the people who appear as the stars of this television show are recommended by their community for their integrity and by their industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, SAIC, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

Presidents set the tone, charter a course, share a vision, imbibe an ethos...

The President/CEO truly does reflect the character of the business. Here you'll necessarily find the top sales person. Here's the person who sells concepts and future developments. Presidents must invoke confidence and trust that tomorrow will come and it will be better than today.

Are you ready for such leadership? Prove yourself in business and then raise up and lead the nation, your state, even your neighborhood. You can do it. More...

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There are always four paths to walk and eight steps to climb:


Start a Business

In the opening of every episode of the show   you will hear, "Everybody has an idea for a business but how do you take that idea from mind to market.   This is the place to learn."

Key Question: How do I start a business?


Grow a Business

Meet Frank Jao. He came to the USA with $0.  Within a day he was selling vacuum cleaners.  With a year he was selling houses.  With four years he was developing commercial property.  Today, he is the father of Little Saigon, a home for Vietnamese people  who have come to the USA. 

Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Meet Ebby Halliday, a pioneer in real estate.      In 1949 she started selling homes; today she is an icon in her industry and one of the most generous people in Dallas. This is a remarkable story of an American legend  who bought many businesses along her way to build a $6B empire.


Sell a Business
Meet Neil Clark Warren.  He started working as a marriage counselor. Today, he is singularly responsible for  more marriages than any other person in the world. The basic idea was simple:  find a way for people to fall in love and stay in love. The result:  he found paths into the deep interiority of the heart, mind and soul. Yet, to move  this business into the fast lane, he had to sell equity within the business!

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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