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Even the butcher, the baker, and the coffee maker...

The Miracle on Commerce Street...


Fort Worth:  Meet Hope Lancarte; she is a first-generation American and the matriarch of a family business that her father began in 1935. Within three generations, Joe T. Garcia's restaurant  has become a celebrated landmark, paradise on earth, "The Miracle on Commerce Street."  Hope's father came from Mexico with nothing. And today, this family has everything. 
Recognized by the James Beard Foundation in 1998 for their outstanding regional cuisine, this family restaurant, is truly a celebrated landmark in the USA.

What happens when a family works together, pulls together, and stays together for three generations? Impossible? In this episode of the show we find proof positive that it is possible. When a family coheres and works toward a common goal, miracles happen.

This family has created a little paradise on earth; their Fiesta Gardens make up one square city block and are among the most beautiful outdoor seating in the country.

At its outset, their restaurant was busy. When they opened on July 4, 1935, they could seat just 16 people; today they seat over 1000. Those old country recipes from Mexico attracted crowds in the beginning. And now three generations later, the lines are always out the door.

The physical properties have been constantly improved, and the roots of this family are growing deeper and deeper into the community they love.

This is an old world recipe for success.

There are no short cuts, just hard work and long hours. Though there are many hands in the pot, in no way is this multi-level marketing. Nobody expects to get rich quick.

Here is the real heart and soul of America. Honest, hard-working, decent people. And this story can be told over and over and over again throughout America. This is the quiet revolution of small business that works.

Let us introduce you to the Joe T. Garcia family. It all began when great-grandpa Joe immigrated from Mexico to Texas in 1935 with his bride. Now, this family's restaurant, is the place to go for authentic Mexican food.

Joe T.'s daughter, Hope, had seven children who are all involved in sustaining the Joe T. tradition. Her oldest son, Lanny, is president/CEO. And his brothers and sisters each have a role. And now all their children are starting to pick up the reins.

We have seen this time and time again; the second generation expands the locations, the product lines, and perfects the products and processes. We visit Hope's wholesale bakery and catering. And then, the third generation expands through distribution and, of course, now worldwide sales through the web.

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Everything is touched by the business mantra, "Make it faster, cheaper and  better. "  Even the old classics,  "the butchers, bakers, candlestick makers,"  are pushed to new heights.  Even family farms are being reinvented by entrepreneurs with love, gravity, and insight. It is all leading to higher perfections, richer expressions, and a deeper community of participation.

What are you waiting for?  You have an idea for a business?  Be inspired and gain some insight from these business owners who have walked over the coals. 

Now to think about it, some are even reinventing coal! 

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There are always four paths to walk and eight steps to climb:


Start a Business

Meet world-famous French chef,  Thomas KellerHomepage: Thomas failed twice and then sold founder's share to buy, start and grow his dream, a high-end restaurant with the unlikely name, The French Laundry This story is for every budding entrepreneur, especially those who want to serve the public. 

Key Question: How do I start a business?"


Grow a Business

Meet Anne Beiler, founder Auntie Anne's Pretzels.
Homepage: One of the most amazing stories in our library; this woman has made millions and has given most of it away. She is on a mission to create real businesses based on love and the blessing of an absolutely delicious pretzel.
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Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet the Souto brothers from Cuba and now Miami. They turned a little family business, Rowland Coffee Roasters, into a global enterprise.
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Sell a Business
Homepage: Hot Dogs On a Stick is an ESOP.  Every employee is on track to become an owner of this business because of the work of Freddie Thode.  She has made thousands of women co-owners of this business!  

Starting a business is actually easy compared to learning how to exit that business with a maximum return on your investment (sweat equity and the intangibles).  There are eight possible ways. Learn them all!

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

Hattie opens each episode of the show


In the opening of every episode of the show (weekly since September 3, 1994) you hear, "Everybody has an idea for a business but how do you take that idea from mind to market. This is the place to learn."

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