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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

Tires Plus with Tom Gegax and Don Gullet

Can we all do as well?


Tom Gegax wants us all to achieve beyond our wildest dreams.

Minneapolis: Meet Tom Gegax and his partner, Don Gullet.  These two opened for business in 1976 with a few gas stations. By 2000, they had 150 tires stores with 2,000 employees generating $200 million in annual sales.

That's a good story unto itself, but today we're looking into the question about tipping points. The question is, "Because of the transparency of the internet, have we reached a tipping point where ethics, goodness, values and creativity will come back front and center as the focus of business?"

We do not know the answer but we hope so. In this episode of the show, we learn from a master entrepreneur about the meaning and value of life. Tom Gegax is pulling and pushing us up the ladder. When they sold this business, he became an author. His third book, The Big Book About Small Business  builds on his first two,  By the Seat of Your Pants: The No-Nonsense Business Survival Guide, and Winning in the Game of Life.

Most of bootstrap. We run that business right by the seat of our pants. But, something is happening to us all along the way. We are constantly learning, and today we are learning more rapidly than ever. We have so ratcheted up all the equations, we just may have reached a tipping point.

The first editorial title for Tom's book was The Enlightened Executive. And with all these self-help books and continuous improvement cycles within our lives, enlightenment is actually breaking out all over.

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Yes, all these people are recommended by their community for their integrity and by their industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, Travelers and others -- have paid for everything.

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Find Suppliers Who Help

2:15 | Play Now |   Founder Tom Gegax tell us that TiresPlus financed its growth by plowing the earnings of the business back into expansion and by borrowing from suppliers.

Understand Investors and Risks

1:52 | Play Now |   The founders of Tires Plus decided that going public would be too distracting.

Offer Selection, Speed and Price

1:49 | Play Now |   Taking care of customers and employees is as important as the product you choose to sell.

Avoid 50-50 Partnerships

0:35 | Play Now |   Don Gullet, Tom's partner at Tires Plus, says great partnerships are a constant balancing act of one person's skills complementing the other's.

Choose Words Carefully

3:45 | Play Now |   Everything about Tom Gegax is about expectations: from white shirts and sneakers to language that communicates and inspires.

Install Systems - the Path to Growth

1:19 | Play Now |   Host Hattie Bryant says that at Tires Plus the rubber meets the road  with a new paradigm of service and systems to match.


4:17 | Play Now |   Tom Gegax's people philosophy is: hire attitude, invest heavily in training and coach, coach, coach.

Use Four Steps To Coach Employees

1:57 | Play Now |   Employees at Tire Plus know what is expected of them and if they are meeting those expectations.

Deploy the Four Steps of Execution

2:24 | Play Now |   Tom Gegax's success is based on a well thought out and faithfully executed people strategy.

Learn How to Achieve Results

1:32 | Play Now |  Tires Plus follows "ATE" steps to achieve desired results from employees: Delegate, Motivate, Educate,  and Terminate  is one of many continuous improvement methodologies. For more...

Coach Yourself First

2:58 | Play Now |   Tom Gegax learned the hard way that you have to coach yourself before you can be an effective coach to others.

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