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Target marketing can readily become a global effort

The face of business can be like an ice wall.

Telluride, Colorado and Moab, Utah
: Deep-seated within every American is the dream of starting and owning a business. Most of us are barely aware that this concept is deeply ingrained in our culture. The modern concept of a corporation actually has its roots in the American revolution. This drive to start a business -- to incorporate under a name -- mystifies much of the world and it has a lot to do with one's sense of purpose or "calling" and also one's process of self-actualization.

In this episode of the show, you meet many very special people, but the stars are Margaret Quenemoen and her sister, Paula. It will become quickly apparent that they are identical twins who share a huge love of life. Their honesty and integrity, their openness and their achievement, their vision and their tenacity, over-qualify them to be our MasterClass teachers.

So, let's drive into the deep mountains of Colorado to look at their foundations, business plan, financing, direct public offering, and so much more.

We'll learn what went right, what went wrong, and what their vision of the future is.

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Joe T Garcia Family Portrait Homepage: Hope's father, an immigrant from Mexico, started a little restaurantToday that restaurant covers an entire city block and is a little part of paradise on earth.
» Be the person your children want to work for
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» All the key ideas and videos of this episode
Orange Tree, Carol Schroeder

Homepage: Specialty retail is small business! Meet the nation's expert in specialty shop retailing. She wrote the book and she walks the walk!
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Mickey Finns Brew Pub with Bill Sugars

Homepage: Can a brew pub transform a town? In this episode we meet two people who made a huge difference. They dared to dream an impossible dream. More...
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Blair H Taylor Retail: Blaine Taylor says to look for neglected customers. There are 190+ key ideas and case studies about retail.
»   At Fess Parker's Winery they coddle customers.
»   Dina Opici says, "Eat Dinner with Your Customers."
»   Bill Keller says to turn your insights into products.
»   The Navarro family builds on their basic education.
»   Wahoo's says, "Become a Tribe!"   More retail...

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