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Last Update: Friday September 17, 2021

Perfection is a process. You can always make it better.

Malcolm Baldrige Award Winners... TWICE!


Dallas, Texas: Dale Crownover took Texas Nameplate from being just another local print shop to become the first small business to be awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. It's a presidential award.

So, in Washington DC with Boeing and Solar Turbines, there was a nameplate printer.  Sure, their product outlasts the item to which it is attached. And, yes,  this group was supplying several of the world's largest companies, but.... when it was Dale's turn to speak, the house went quiet.  All those top CEOs and all the DC bureaucrats just stood in awe.  This man spoke profoundly about the essence of quality, the importance of family,  and this nation's charter to achieve and to always do better.

We can all learn from Dale and his people. Yet, they did not stop working at it and six years later, they received the award again!
You will quickly see that this is an extraordinary work force. When we first taped this episode of the show, nobody including Dale had a college degree and some employees had just received their high school diploma. Notwithstanding, here you learn how they make world-class products and reap plenty of profits.

Oh yes, today, Dale and others have earned a college degree. 

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Inventions stir economies


Along the way, your leadership in your industry will be well-established.

Your business should challenge you to be better everyday in every way. If not, you have choices.

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There are always four paths to walk and eight steps to climb:


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