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Mir Fox Rodriguez:  A Study of Resilience

Houston:  Mir Fox & Rodriguez is a CPA firm and its product is know-how, but this is also a very important story here about turning adversity into greatness.  In this episode you meet Carolyne Fox, Gasper Mir and Roland Rodriguez.

Most CPAs do not think of themselves as entrepreneurs. They're usually  players on the team of companies headed by entrepreneurs. Carolyne Fox admits that she would still work in a big, world-famous CPA firm if she had not been forced to leave by a merger.

Two of the three founders were not invited to become partners. That was 1987 when the good-old-boy network still weighed woman and minorities by a different standard. Yet, when these three decided to work together, the sum of the whole equaled an entrepreneurial powerhouse with balance, vision, heart and soul. Though they know and respect the rules, these three are also redefining them.

While Gasper Mir works in the community and brings in new clients, Carolyne Fox managed the service side freeing Roland Rodriguez to develop new businesses and work with their offices in Mexico and South America.

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About The Stars of this Television Show

All the people who appear as the stars of this television show are recommended by their community for their integrity and by their industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, SAIC, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

It is a service if it is not a product!  Today the services industries account for 60% of all jobs.

Business Service folks include the IT,  finance (including the occasional bookkeeper), engineering, management, personnel,  insurance, brokers of every kind (including real estate), security, design services right on out to the landscaping people, and so many more. 

Professional Services require a degree in that discipline to even practice it!  The classic folks include the architects, CPAs, lawyers, and  doctors.  Today, it can even include everybody from educators to undertakers. 

Personal services include the folks who maintain your body including your nails, hair, muscle tone, weight, etc., and then handle how and where you take that body, i.e. the travel agents, delivery services, and more. 

Of course,  many retail businesses offer business, professional and personal services.

Most of us have enough stuff.  Making our lives more meaningful, whole, textured, aesthetic -- even more charming -- is the work of the service industries.

All Business is about continuous improvement...

We all should be reaching for higher perfections.  Your business should challenge you to be better everyday in every way. If not, you have choices.

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