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Reports to the Students: Universe Views

References for students:

•  The Big Board - little universe:

•  An Introduction

•  High School Geometry Students

•  Status Report on the Big Board - little universe

•  March-May 2012: Wikipedia Theater

•  Just the numbers from the Planck Length

•  Earlier Work that Provided the Framework

•   77 Leading, Living Scholars in 1979

•   A framework that set the foundations

•   Geometries applied to the Abrahamic faiths

•   On Radical Islam to scientific Atheism

Many Possible Futures

•   Open All Routes to Your Creative Thinking


For more, go to this page:

Working Articles

Editor's note: "Working article" means "always in process."
• Basics: How'd they get here?
• Beginnings: Did a Quiet Expansion precede a Big Bang?
• Ethics-Morals-Values: Is there an inherent Goodness
   within Science, Business, and Religion?

• Finite or Infinite: Is That The Question?   Part II
• Paradigm Shift: Most-simple, integrated UniverseView
• Planck: Length-Time Chart     All Five Basic Units Chart
• Simplicity: Everything Starts Most Simply... 
• Tiling and Tessellating the Universe
• Who, What, When, Where and Why:
  What's happening here?

A working overview and Table of Contents

Take a tour of the Big Board-little universe
and its Universe Table
: A short introduction

#1: The Planck Length
#2: The Range or Scale of the Universe
#3: Just by the width of a hair
#4: Discover your child within
#5: From caveats to mea culpa
#6: Water, water everywhere
#7: Transition to the Human Scale
#8: An Unknown Section of the Universe
#9: Transition to the Large Scale Universe
#10: The Observable Universe

Earlier articles:
A most simple, internally-consistent view of the universe
The first overview in January 2012

UniverseViews: An Overview

  •   A Wiki-like Overview 
  •   Our first page about this process in 2011
  •   Simple concept, simple beginnings
  •   Extremely small and extremely large numbers
  •   First principles & the concept of perfection
  •   Building Bridges