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Miami: In this episode, we open with pictures from 1961 just before Castro forced his ways into the homes and business of this family. And though he took over everything, he could not take over their spirit. This family left behind all their worldly possessions but came to the USA with their greatest possessions -- their integrity, their love of family and friends, their creativity, their love of Cuban espresso coffee, and the knowledge needed to rebuild their family business from scratch.

Meet the Souto family, owners of Rowland Coffee Roasters in Miami.  They started with a coffee delivery business, bought Rowland, then Cafe Pilon, then Cafe Bustelo,  Medaglia D'Oro Espresso, Java Cabana and more.

Also spend time with these other  keys ideas:
»    Do What You Know

»    Leave To Learn

»    Acquire The Competition

»    Give Employees The Newest Tools

»    Customize For Key Customers

»    Set Your Ego Aside

»    Make Your Word As Good As Gold

»    Keep Dreaming

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Diversity in the workplace cultivates ideas and gives perspective.

You have the whole world in your genes: While the people of the world struggle to co-exist, here are many workplaces where the dynamics of creativity override the deep historic tensions between cultures and religions. Creativity focused on creating something of value, monetized and extended in time, is far more valuable to people than the weight of historic prejudice, bigotry and even hatred. Herein is the spirit of hope and the future.

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