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They're manufacturing in America and exporting to the World!

His boss wanted to sell his business...

So Don MacInnis and his wife, Melody,  bought it!

Don McInnis, Record Technology, Inc., Camarillo, California

Camarillo, California: Meet Melody and Don MacInnis and their team; they are truly "making it in America."   They're manufacturers and they export to the far corners of the earth because they are now known as the best in the business.  They are record manufacturers --  big, fat, vinyl phonograph records.  

Audiophiles, some of the best artists, best orchestras, and big producers around the globe turn to Don & Melody.  They will tell you that these vinyl records are the best in the world.

In 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and the record industry was created. It evolved but then in the 1990s, CDs and DVDs exploded into the market. Now records and record players are virtually extinct, except within a small group, the audiophiles.

Kids today do not even know what what a vinyl LP record is.  Even among the old-timers, most think  it is a dead technology, but talk to any audiophile. You'll hear them wax euphorically about the fullness of the analog quality of that sound.  Though they are a rare breed --   the number is probably less than 1M worldwide  -- audiophiles swear by the vinyl LP. They say that analog sounds soothe the brain, creating metaphors that take the mind and our emotions into sweet spaces and unknown places.

At one time, other than live performances, records were the only way to bring music into the home.  Most people may think it is outdated technology; but Melody and Don MacInnis are not only making money, this team is growing the business! They have found a niche -- the audiophiles of the world -- and they are making the very best grooves in the business. 

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This episode of the show was done through the leadership and cooperation of the National Association of Manufacturers.

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George Hill and Arnold Joseff, Diversified Chemicals, Detroit, Michigan

Start a Business

Arnold Joseff and George Hill were friends from high school. They were chemistry wizards. They wanted to do something important with their lives, so they started a business. Today they are changing the world.

Key QuestionWhat products could I make or sell?

JackNouvir.jpg Grow a Business

The Millers bootstrapped their business. Most of us do. Financing the start or early-stage growth is never easy.

Key Question: Where do I find the money?


Buy a Business
They manufacture bike racks in Wisconsin and sell to the world. They also source the world -- even for the best designers. Yet, Sara & Chris Fortune bought a business that had some land mines. Their story is about integrity over all.

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
Biosite  manufactures medical  diagnostic devices in San Diego.  The industry said, "It couldn't be done."  Their colleagues said, "It's a stupid idea." They pushed forward. They sold.  Then they sold through an IPO.  Then a customer (and much larger company) bought the majority share from the founders. Together they're a  global powerhouse.

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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