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Start a business around something you love. That works!

They started with a pickup truck...


Boston, Massachusetts: In this episode of the show we take you inside Jet-A-Way, a recycling company for construction and demolition waste, commercial waste, and recycled paper. They are also a transportation company to pick it all up and, then when it is all sorted, to bring it to refinement centers and sanitary landfills.  You'll meet Darlene Jeter and her family. 

Darlene and her husband have been recognized by their community and by the nation for their achievements.

With over $10 million in sales and 50 employees, this business has been in  operation since 1969.  Darlene has endured enormous setbacks -- the death of the love of her life,  her husband and business partner -- and major swings in the construction business in Boston. It is a dusty, tough industry. There is a lot of heavy metal -- trucks, tractors, and front-end loaders. Darlene not only survives, she thrives with grace and dignity.

Darlene Jeter has tenacity. No moaning, blubbering, sniveling, whimpering or whining; she gets the job done and then gives back to her community.

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Inventions stir economies

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Then, push that business to become an art! It'll last a very long time.

Chaucer's Latin verse "Ars longa, vita brevis" sums it up -- Art is long; life is short.

So, why don't we all make life an art? Wouldn't that lengthen our days?
And, if we make our businesses an art, perhaps that business could live beyond us.

To live life as an art, we need to grasp more deeply life's many-sided perfections. Do that within your business, and you'll have uncommon success all your days. And, to learn how to do that, study these wonderful people, their insights and wisdom.      Prior homepage...

Meet women whose businesses have become a form of art...


Meet Auntie Anne of Auntie Anne's Pretzels.
She started her business in the Saturday's Farmers Market in the Amish countryside in Pennsylvania. Today, she just works miracles!

Key Question: How do I start a business?


Grow a Business

Meet Ebby Halliday, a pioneer in real estate.      In 1949 she started selling homes; today she is an icon  in her industry and one of the most generous people in Dallas.  This is a remarkable story of an American legend who bought many businesses along her way.

Key Question: What is a path for growth?

Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim essenmtially bought out a division of another company. It was a win-win-win.

Buy a Business
Meet Nicole Miller, a leading fashion design house in NYC.  She began like so many of us, working for a big business.  She and her partner, Bud Konheim,  decided to go out on their own and Bud negotiate a creative "buy-out" of the that entire division. 

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?


Sell a Business
Lorraine Miller had a boss who didn't care about her ideas or insights, "Just do your job."  She quit and started her own business.  It grew and grew and grew and grew....she won awards... and then  it came time to say, "Good-bye."

Learn eight possibleways to exit your business!

Key Question:
Who is the best buyer?

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