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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Start a business! Or, grow the one that you have!

Where would we be without architects? 

Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Amsterdam: They worked for Frank Gehry and found that it had limits. So, architects Ron Altoon and Jim Porter started their own firm and today they are quite literally changing the world.

They do not try to cultivate "star power."

The result - this professional practice  went global virtually overnight. Ron Altoon and Jim Porter clearly have grown this architectural firm with product power.

Every customer and every person in their firm is a star. These two architects began this practice by keeping their egos in check and by focusing on their customer and growing their team. They have built projects in 16 countries with more international work on the drawing boards of the future.

The world does want American products and services and this is one business that has proven that. From the people in this firm we learn: refine your product or service on your home turf, do your homework before you get on an airplane, form strategic local alliances in the country into which you want to expand, and then deliver on your promises.

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Key Pages about Small Business Diversity

» USA Immigrants are changing the face of the world!
» Women are changing the world too! What glass ceilings?
» Elders are always welcomed here. Retirement? Strcitly optional!

Here successful business owners share their insights. Watch the videos of businesses within your industry. We invite you to get your Chamber of Commerce involved. Women may want to check this episode or these episodes.

Your business should challenge you to be better every day in every way. If not, you have choices:

There are always four paths to walk and eight steps to climb:


Start a Business

Neil Clark Warren wants people to fall in love and stay in love. He has found paths into the deep interiority of the heart, mind and soul. This business started from the heart and is growing based on brains and algorithms!
Just aired in San Francisco on KCSM-TV.
Key Question: How do I start a business?

Laurie Snyder, founder, Flap Happy, Santa Monica

Grow a Business

Meet Laurie Synder. She started Flap Happy on mission to protect children from harmful sun radiation. She was on fire and the business could not help but grow!
Aired throughout Louisiana on PBS stations of LPB.
Key Question: What is a path for growth?

Bill Sugars

Buy a Business
To grow faster, small businesses sometimes buy other businesses, often the competitors. You can buy a business or buy into a business like Bill did!
Just aired on PBS throughout Louisiana!
Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?

Glenn Walser, inventor, American icon

Sell a Business
Glenn Walser is an American icon. He is one of our best. Tenacious. Courageous. Outrageous. A heart of gold. A love of life. An inventor who created an industry out of nothing. He could see things that everyone else said was impossible. He's exiting now...
Airs today in Harlingen, Texas on KMBH and tonight on WBCC in Cocoa - Orlando - Melbourne at 10 PM. Aired recently in Watertown & Norwood (NY), WPBS-TV
Learn eight possible ways to exit your business!

Key Question:
Who is the best buyer?

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