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The Service Industries - Business, Professional and Personal

This man should get a Nobel Peace prize!

Pasadena, CA: Neil Clark Warren began as a marriage counselor. Then, he wrote a book. Then, with his son-in-law they took that business to the web and they almost lost everything.

Today, they are well on their way to becoming a billion-dollar business that employs hundreds. But more importantly, this business is changing a fundamental perception of very basic institutions that have been failing our culture for the past few decades. There is a key discussion about the power of the computer to see subtleties that even human intuition might miss.

The implosion of 2000-2001 opened an explosion of solid growth using the Internet as a backbone.

Algorithms are changing the way we understand the world and each other. There is an emerging mathematics of interiority that is on the edge of innovation. Coupled with the power of computers, we are opening a new chapter in our human history.

Just think of the complexity that Dr. Neil Clark Warren and his team tackled. Take as a given that you can discern 29 dimensions of a person by asking 436 carefully-defined questions to weight aspects of those dimensions. That is 436 answers within a range, 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. So you now have anywhere from 2180 to 4360 answers to match up to people within a geographically defined area. If you have just 100 people, what's significant? When do you have a possible match?

Now, when you see Dr. Neil Clark Warren in this episode of the show, he may seem familiar to you. He has already been on television a lot. Last year this small business spent well over 20 million dollars advertising a product he fervently believes can make the world a kinder and gentler place. Dr. Neil Clark Warren has appeared in many of those ads to coach us all to find our soul mate. Find "the love of your life. Don't settle for less." 

Forty-three percent of all Americans over 18 years old are single. That's their market. He believes by helping singles before they get married, this team might actually reverse the divorce rate in the USA and then perhaps around the world.   

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It is a service if it is not a product!  Today the services industries account for 60% of all jobs.

Business Service folks include the IT,  finance (including the occasional bookkeeper), engineering, management, personnel,  insurance, brokers of every kind (including real estate), security, design services right on out to the landscaping people, and so many more. 

Professional Services require a degree in that discipline to even practice it!  The classic folks include the architects, CPAs, lawyers, and  doctors.  Today, it can even include everybody from educators to undertakers. 

Personal services include the folks who maintain your body including your nails, hair, muscle tone, weight, etc., and then handle how and where you take that body, i.e. the travel agents, delivery services, and more. 

Of course,  many retail businesses offer business, professional and personal services.

Most of us have enough stuff.  Making our lives more meaningful, whole, textured, aesthetic -- even more charming -- is the work of the service industries.

Business is about continuous improvement... higher perfections.

Your business should challenge you to be better everyday in every way. If not, you have choices.


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