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He sold part of the business to get started!

Boston, Massachusetts: In this episode of the show we visit with Andy Wilson, founder of Boston Duck Tours. His business transformed the very nature of tourism in this olde towne of tradition. Andy combined little known history lessons with entertainment and views of city that only the insiders get to see... especially the ones from the middle of the Charles River. Learn about financing, tenacity, and vision from a person who focused on making his dream come true.

We first met Andy back in 1997 at a White House conference where he received an award from the President as the Massachusetts SMALL BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR.

So, how does one turn many passions into a single business? In this show we learn how Andy got that initial inspiration to quit his full-time job and start. We'll also learn how he went about raising over $1 million dollars to launch Boston Duck Tours in 1994.

Andy loves Boston, the Charles River, the history of this country's early struggles for religious toleration and freedoms, equality, and rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The amazing thing is that Andy Wilson made a business that incorporated all of these passions and so much more.

The tour is 80-minutes and historically-narrated. You meet some of the founding fathers and mothers of the USA. On this sightseeing tour you ride in a Duck -- an authentic World War II amphibious landing craft -- first around the narrow streets of Boston and then into the Charles River.

When he was recognized in 1997, Boston Duck Tours did about $4 million in sales with about 50 employees. The business had become one of the hottest attractions in the Commonwealth. The last time we checked, annual sales were over $6 million.

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It seems personal.  It is fun.  It surprises.  It informs.  Though sometimes called "infotainment"  or "edutainment" (by somewhat mechanical wordsmiths  -- there has to be a better word), it is an emerging business category.  Many of our business owners, especially those in retail, are beginning to see the light.  They are having special events for their best customers right in their store.  They are teaching and reaching their customers in very new ways. 

Boston Duck Tours: The Money is Out There

Do It Different

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To rise above the crowd, start by being unhappy with the status quo, and ask "How can I do it better?"

Hire Entertainers

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It's employees that create the truly memorable customer experience.

Audition for New Employees

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Boston Duck creatively uncovers the right person throughout the personnel process.

Quit Your Job

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If things aren't ducky at work, maybe it's time to seek your bliss in a different pond.

Partner With An Expert

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You don't have to reinvent to wheel to roll out a new product.

Find Money To Match Your Dream

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People invest in ideas that captivate.

Do Whatever it Takes

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Master the mystery behind your business success.

Be Number One

1:44 | Play Now |   Andy says, "Earn your position in the market by being the best at what you do."  On the tour is the statue of Mary Dyer (pictured) who was hung  in 1660 on Boston Common for being a Quaker. She  became the symbol for religious freedom.  For more... go here to 1:51 to 2:58 minutes

Make More Than Money -- Make Impact

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Hattie says that the real riches of success can't always be measured in dollars and cents.

Get Some Rose-Colored Glasses

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Optimism wins every time.

Establish A Customer Referral Program

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John Wargo suggests that you motivate current customers to lead you to new ones.