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Last Update: Saturday September 18, 2021

New Americans are teaching us all about the power of freedom.

Mentor-Protégé Programs work very well

Shiv Krishnan, founder, INDUS

Washington, DC: We all can learn a lot from Shiv Krishnan. He arrived here from Madras, India in 1979, and in 1991 he started INDUS which has emerged as an information technology leader, especially in database management, data warehousing, data mining, security, dynamic web development and, of course, Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The company has 500 employees and many clients including the US Department of Transportation.

We see this story over and over again on this show. They come to America with nothing; they get jobs, and save money to invest in starting a business. Then, they go for it. Their safety net is the knowledge and confidence that they can always go back and get another job. It is not easy... but that's America.
They put all their resources and all their dreams on the table just to create this special something, "my business." With sacrifice and struggle, all things are possible.
The USA is a beacon to the world to adopt an entrepreneurial vision. Starting a business is part of our rich heritage. We meet a person who is open to learning from everyone and he empowers that same attitude among his employees, his suppliers, and his customers. He mentors people and he is always open to being mentored.  INDUS is part of SAIC's Mentor-Protégé program which has helped it to grow in the right direction. 

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About The Stars of this Television Show

The people who appear on this television show have been recommended by their community for their integrity and by theiir industry for their creativity and courage. Our national sponsors -- from IBM, USPS, Verizon, Microsoft, D&B, SAIC, Travelers, Business Week, and many others -- have paid for everything.

Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

Their successes are a story for the nation and for all people everywhere.

Their formula: Insightful Thinking, Integrity, Courage, Hard Work + Tenacity

In this week's episode, the inherent power of diversity and mentoring is explored.  Also, we learn how and why the government awards billions in contracts to small businesses.

In these four episodes below, new Americans continue to share their enthusiasm for what it is that truly makes this country unique among nations.

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AhmedChebbani.jpg Start a Business

Homepage: Meet Ahmad Chebbani from Lebanon, and now of  Dearborn, Michigan. He is a CPA, founder of Omnex Accounting.  Focus on the key ideas:
  » Focus on one idea at a time 
  » Set goals and measure against them
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Key Question: How do I start a business?

FrankJao.jpg Grow a Business

Homepage:  Meet Frank Jao from Vietnam and now Huntington Beach, California.  He is a developer and founder of Bridgecreek. His key ideas change everything:
  » Learn to see what is not there
  » Invest, don't spend
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Key Question: What is a path for growth?


Buy a Business
Homepage: Meet the Souto brothers from Cuba and now Miami.  They turned a little family business, Rowland Coffee Roasters, into a global enterprise.
»  Acquire your competition!
»  Dream impossible dreams
»  All the Key Ideas and video from this episode

Key Question: Can my business be my legacy?

Sell a Business
Homepage: Meet the Ahmad Chebbani of Persia (Iran) and now Portland, Oregon.  He founded Ziba Design and is revolutionizing the world.
»  Hire people who will challenge you!
»  Turn employees into owners
»  All the Key Ideas and video from this episode

Learn eight possible ways to exit your business!

Key Question: Who is the best buyer?

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