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Last Update: Wednesday June 23, 2021

The Current Season of the Television Show

The final season with Hattie and Bruce

With the close of the 1500 Season -- Small Business School will stop feeding the monster.   Every week since September 3, 1994, the next episode of the show would have to be fed to the satellite at 4:30 PM on Saturday.

That was the old model.

The new model will hopefully begin in July 2008 with new episodes of the show that are developed in conjunction with local stations and the best of these episodes are vetted by each station's programming director for the national and global feeds.

To learn more, ask Bruce.

View prior episode

On most every homepage for an episode of the show, including the legacy pages, there is a link to  "Prior homepage" or View prior episode.  You should be able to click over 200 times and go back several years.  


These episodes are a compilation from the best points of many episodes where a key small business issue becomes the focus.  More...

Our Business Basics

  1. Why the name, Small Business School?
  2. Privacy & Copyright
  3. The First Principles that Guide This Show
  4. Videos: Opening & Closing of the Show
  5. About Our Global Tour - Summer 2007:
    We were literally scouting the world in search of "The Best Businesses of the World." Also, we're talking about another global TV series, "The Billionaires' Millionaires."

Stories about the soul of every economy -- key episodes for all of us

Selection: "Loved within their community and respected in their industry" is the bottom line of the selection process. Nobody has paid or can pay to be on this television show.   More...

About the stations:  Though primarily a weekly, half-hour show airing on public television which includes the member stations of the  Public Broadcasting System (PBS) and the Public-Education-Government (PEG).  The stations are mostly run by a local government's economic development commission or by a local university.  The show, also carried by the Voice of America since 1995, is broadcast around the world wherever there is an embassy, consulate, military base, and/or American-owned hotels.

On the air since September 3, 1994

Links to the current season and past seasons

There are thirteen episodes per season and, of course, there are four seasons per year. Each television season runs just a little over a week behind the physical seasons of the year. 

Other ways to find an episode of the show:

You can search by the episode (business name), by location, by industry, by topic, and by a key question.  The episodes about women start here.

Television to make a difference

Key pages: Each episode has its own home page, overview, transcript, case study guide, and streaming video. Today, these case study guides are part of the curriculum of most every business school in the USA.  More...

Music:  The music you hear throughout the show is a special production for Small Business School.  All of these musicians are either sole proprietors or small business owners.   More...

Mission: We live in the present, reflect on the past, project the future, and struggle to do what is important and good.   Mission  and Vision