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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

On starting the business of your dreams

Eight steps open many paths in business

  Four Steps to start and run All of us
Step 1. Initial Idea $
Step 2. Start-up $$
Step 3. Incubate $$$
Step 4. Sole proprietor $$$
  Four to run and grow a business orngeldy.gif
Step 5. Employer $$
Step 6. Growth $$$
Step 7. Sustainability $$$$
Step 8. Exit at the top $$$$

The Online Workshop - Case Studies

Within each step, right under the "Steps Box" and with the same heading as above, you will find anywhere from five-to-eight case studies.  This is our online workshop and a gift to those who can not afford to register. 

A  few Questions

Just below the case studies are a few questions related to working through this step along the road of one's working life.

Questions open one to insider thinking.  Questions push us to think about relations in deeper ways.  Questions are magic and we all need to re-learning the simple power of a question. 

1. Select which of these four steps best describes where you are.

If you are just thinking about it, start at Step 1.  If you have told people you are going to do it, start at Step 2.  If you already have sold something to a person or business, start at Step 3.  If you are already a sole proprietor and you are doing under $1M in sales, start at Step 4.

2. Hyperlink (or put in your Favorites) the step where you want to be.

Then go back and work through all of the steps before it.  Set a goal and join a club.  Those who have registered and have broken through $100K per year are automatically in the 10-to-the-fifth Club.  Breakthrough the $1M in gross revenues and you automatically are part of the 10-to-the-6th club. 

3. Read the stories of people who have been where you currently are, and they have gone where you want to go.

If you already have a business with even one employee, go on to Steps 5-to-8 (you might want to review Step 4). If you find it helpful, review Step 3, and so on right back to Step 1.

Ok, now, here is a checklist to Start

1. Business Basics. These are excerpts from several shows.

Read at least the first three short chapters.

2. Check to see how original your idea is. Many people have the same idea; that's OK if you are going to focus on a local market.  Plus, most people to do not want to work so hard to bring an idea from mind to market, from just talk to action, from a dream to reality.  Check anyway.  List the keywords that describe your business.  Search in Google.

Visit the website of USPTO, aka the US Patent & Trademark Office (opens a new browser)

3.   Decide what kind of business you will start:
      »   start from scratch (like most of us)
      »   inherit a business
      »   buy an existing business
      »   buy a franchise

If you are not sure what business you should be in, please read the first chapter of Hattie's book, Beating the Odds, on this web site. You should take that little quiz to see if you have the mind and attitudes of an entrepreneur.

If you just watched Small Business School on your local public television station, you heard an entrepreneur describe his or her business and how it has grown.

If the show inspired you to take action on a business idea that you've had for years, we ask you to do the following:

* Thank your local public television manager. There are just 126 good programmable hours a week and each of these program managers are offered over 500 hours of programming. It is an honor to be on public television, but they would like to know that you are watching. There is very little Nielsen rating information. Just call your station and ask for viewer feedback. You could even send them a little email; a link to most stations can be found here  (opens in a new browser).

* Send a little Thank you note to the business owner who inspired you. If you remember the name of the owner or the name of the business, there is usually a physical address and an email address within the overview/summary page for that episode of the show.

* We would also enjoy hearing from you. Please share your suggestions and comments; if you give us permission, we will be glad to add your comments to our viewers' response or as a comment on one of the shows!

* Also, these shows are made possible by our sponsors. If you could in some way send them a note of thanks, we would be very pleased. If you ever need help in their area of expertise, please visit their web sites. They want to help small and growing businesses succeed.

Be sure to join us backstage. This place will always be under construction -- it is always being reworked -- so we welcome your ideas and comments.