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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

We All Climb the Same Eight Steps

Eight steps open many paths in business

  Four Steps to start and run All of us
Step 1. Initial Idea $
Step 2. Start-up $$
Step 3. Incubate $$$
Step 4. Sole proprietor $$$
  Four to run and grow a business orngeldy.gif
Step 5. Employer $$
Step 6. Growth $$$
Step 7. Sustainability $$$$
Step 8. Exit at the top $$$$

The Online Workshop - Case Studies

Look at how other people have done it.  Everybody's story is a metaphor for our own story.  We may think we are cutting through primordial forests -- and you just may be doing that -- but others have as well and their stories may give you ideas and insights along your own journey.

You will find these case studies will take you to many episodes throughout this website.

A few key questions...

Every step of the way, no matter what path you go down, there are key, critical questions all along the way.  First, we need to re-learn our childhood innocence of asking endless questions. 

Questions open the way to interior thinking.  Questions get inside complexity and make things simple. 

In this section, just below the navigation box -- which will always be in the top right corner here --  you will find some of those key questions. 

You have the answers.

None are easy.

Overview:  In every  episode of the show, a very special business owner talks about how they got from one step to the next. Go behind the scenes into the life of someone who both started and has very successfully grown his/her own business.

These people are loved in their communities and respected within their industry.¹

The paths:  Past, Present, Future and our dream of being whole

You'll find no get-rich-quick schemes here, just solid, honest, hard work.

Notice in the navigation area on the right, on every line there are dollar signs: $$$$. The link goes to eight different discussions about the kind of money that successful business owners have used along the way.  Again, there are no short cuts.

"Everybody has an idea for a business."

Mostly within Steps 1-to-4 there are links to billion-dollar ideas.  There will  eventually be as many as 100 such ideas but we must warn you, many are those impossible dreams ² about which the song is sung.

By lifting up successful people with warm hearts and big spirits, and studying their motivations, insights and inspirations, Small Business School serves eight large constituencies.

Paths and steps to growth

Steps 1 to 4 – you create work for yourself.

Steps 5 to 8 – you create work for others.

At each step we examine the ways people also create wealth (an abundance of value).

Every story is a very personal story of one person's journey to become successful in his/her work. Each person has worked through (and is constantly reworking) the problems associated with the first four steps of growth. A few have worked through all eight steps.

Their insights, advice, and example are powerful lessons for all of us to learn about the meaning of life and work. These people are not Hollywood models, but role models.

These are people who give our culture ethical fabric and depth. And, we certainly welcome you  to be among them... to tell your story.  Get listed and linked. Of course, your comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed.


¹ The selection process involves each community and the national trade associations of each of the industries represented in an episode. More...

² Dreams reflect one's deepest being and Don Quixote may not have been so crazy after all.