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Changing Ourselves: Everybody is a Producer. Page 12

Case Study: Chebanni is a giver

He wants to see peace among all nations.

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Meet Ahmad Chebbani, founder of the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.  His day job is helping new Arab Americans creat sustainable businesses.  The rest of his waking hjours is spent building bridges between the pro-Western business community in the Middle East and "pro-business-anywhere " communities in the USA.

This episode of the show was done with the chambers of commerce  surrounding the Detroit area and their PBS station, Detroit Public Broadcasting.

There are nine other segments of this show with other members.

Ten Key Ideas Within This Episode

  1. Focus on One Idea at a Time
  2. Start Someplace
  3. Seize Opportunity
  4. Do It Differently
  5. Work On Your Entire Ecosystem
  6. Help Your Customers Succeed
  7. Diversify Carefully
  8. Grow Your Own Team
  9. Be The Person Your Employees Look Up To
  10. Set Goals And Measure Yourself Against Them
  11. Ask Customers What They Think

Changing the Way We All See Business
  1.   The national media's negative portrayal of business can change.
  2.   Lift up more positive role models
  3.   Drive local ratings up
  4.   Reward the good;  ignore the bad.

Changing the Way We Work Together to Help One Another
  5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
  7.   Use this website as your own
.   Let no business fail for lack of help.

Changing Ourselves:  Everybody is a Producer.
  9.    Provide even more value for members
10.   Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
11.   Open a local small business index.

12.  Help create sustainable businesses


Key References:

An index for these 12 pages
An Open Letter to our friends
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Good people need to come back in style once again.

We end where we began, looking for the best role models and teachers among us.

Sustainable Businesses - the Unique Fabric of Every Community

Let's change the stats. Today over 70% of all business will fail to transition to the next generation. The intangibles, especially the goodwill, are lost forever. What would happen to the fabric our our communities if 70% of all businesses did transition to the next generation?

We are all producers:  One might guess that we would have an employment shortage overnight. And that would be true, but the backbone of the web, the convergence that makes it possible to do telemarketing in the USA from India, also makes it ever more possible for small businesses to do business around the world with employees scattered in every corner.

The challenge for all of us to simply to become a better producer!

We always invite our viewers' COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS and we invite the same from you. Your feedback is very important.


Support References: The mission and vision statements, the first principles of the show as well as an explanation about the name, project the same attitudes in slightly different ways:

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2.   The Vision
3.   First principles of the show
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