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Changing the Way We Work Together to Help One Another, p. 5

Case Study: Chambers are 24x7-global

Everyone says, "Do business around the world."

Overview Transcript Case Study Video

In 1994, the Internet finally penetrated the public marketplace.
Many academics said, "They'll ruin it. They're making it commercial."

This episode of the show was done with some of our "commercial"  thought leaders about the power of the web to eliminate borders and barriers of every kind, especially space, time and language.  Here are the foundations of the biggest revolution in history; it changes the way we see ourselves, who were are, what is possible, where we are going, and the even the meaning and value of life.

Ten Key Ideas Within This Episode

  1. Grasp The Power Of E- Business
  2. Make Every Employee E-Responsible
  3. Create E-Places
  4. Conduct Global Business On Your Turf
  5. Use E-Meetings To Improve Quality
  6. Teach Customers To Be E-Efficient
  7. Go Global With Language Translation
  8. Create Online Learning For Employees And Customers
  9. Let Customers Build Products Online
  10. Put Pen To Paper To Close Customers

Changing the Way We All See Business
  1.   The national media's negative portrayal of business can change.
  2.   Lift up more positive role models
  3.   Drive local ratings up
  4.   Reward the good -  ignore the bad

Changing the Way We work Together to Help One Another

  5. Lead the 24-7-convergence

      Meet like-minded people on the web through TV

  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
  7.   Use this website as your own
  8.   Let no business fail for lack of help.

Changing Ourselves:  Everybody is a producer.
  9.    Provide even more value for members
10.   Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
11.   Open a local small business index.
12.   Help Create sustainable businesses

Key References:

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An Open Letter to our friends
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Converge with like-minded people on the web during TV simulcasts

24-7-global and the Disintermediation of Space & Time

In 1994, within an episode of the show, you would have heard, "You've got to be 24x7-global which means you are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every where in the world. How? It's called the Internet."

Then in 1995 and in many episodes throughout the years, we have said that " and time are being disintermediated."

Most people raised their eyebrows, asking "Huh? Disinter.... what?"

Essentially broadcast television is being disintermediated by the web. It is not the only option to have many people see and hear the same thing at the same time from many different locations.

HiDef to the desktops is here today (Fiber Optic networks are being installed everywhere; Verizon is leading the way). With the aggregation of a few more years of broadcast-quality shows, there could readily be a 24-hour small business channel where every episode is simulcast through very high-quality streaming video on the web.

So, why TV? We see every broadcast as a scheduling event for the collaboration activities that follow the broadcast. Of course, with video-on-demand rolling out within every cable station, all would want to carry this show that brings them viewers. Now the show become the "MarketWatch" for Private Business with hundreds of scheduled events throughout the week.

There are several initiatives for private equity groups to diversify within the best of small business. These shows and selection process gives these investors some of the transparency they require. Here we begin to approach "Mission Accomplished." The good are rewarded; and as a culture, we turn our back to the bad.

We always invite our viewers'  COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS and we invite the same from you. Your feedback is very important.

Support References: An early episode of the show that focused on the power of the web was in 1995, episode #103, PC Flowers & Gifts with Bill Tobin. More recently we discussed the power of collaboration through the work of Time Technology, right on Greenwich Mean Time or Universal Time in England.