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Changing Ourselves: Everybody is a Producer. Page 10

Case Study: He Can Get Everyone Involved

John Hawkins is always asked to be involved

Overview Transcript Case Study Video

John Hawkins, the CEO of Cloud 9 Shuttle, has held every volunteer position at the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce.  He is Mr. Volunteer  and he is forever asking everybody to step up to the plate to make his favorite city a better place. 

This episode of the show was done with recommendations of the local Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development, the Mayors Office, the Convention & Visitors' Bureau and their local PBS station, KPBS-TV .

Nine Key Ideas Within This Episode

  1. Buy A Big Company's Mistakes
  2. Build Brand
  3. Make People Smile
  4. Explain Change
  5. Be The Town's Top Citizen
  6. Form Informal Partnerships
  7. Hire The Smile Then Teach
  8. Hire Seniors
  9. Integrate Technology

Changing the Way We All See Business
  1.   The national media's negative portrayal of business can change.
  2.   Lift up more positive role models
  3.   Drive local ratings up
  4.   Reward the good;  ignore the bad.

Changing the Way We Work Together to Help One Another
  5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
  7.   Use this website as your own
.   Let no business fail for lack of help.

Changing Ourselves:  Everybody is a Producer.
  9.    Provide even more value for members

10. Get involved with your local stations

11.   Open a local small business index.
12.   Help create sustainable businesses

Key References:

An index for these 12 pages
An Open Letter to our friends
Homepage for this presentation

PBS,  PEG, Voice of America,  Fox Business and soon all of television

Dedicated to the public good not just to entertainment.

PBS:  Most people know their PBS-member station.  A few business people turn it on to watch an occasional special.  It is not the favorite station of the business  community. 

PEG:  Most business people rarely, if ever, turn into their local PEG station.  PEG stands for Public-Education-Government.  Many of the PEG stations are being run by the city or regional Economic Development Commission.

Voice of America (VOA). Most people within the USA know very little about the Voice of America and its nine global satellites.  This group tries to select some of the best programming from the weekly line-up within the USA, and then they rebroadcast it into every other country throughout the world.  Its soul purpose is to reflec t the very best within the USA culture, business and government.  The VOA has aired Small Business School since 1995.

Fox Business. It is the only true business programming that advocates for business.  All of the Small Business School stories -- all 2000+ of the video clips --  are being made available to Fox as segment pieces.

A goal for every business owner

One of the goals of this presentation is to get the best businesses involved with their local chamber, their local PBS station, possibly their local PEG station, and perhaps even their local Fox affiliate.

Virtually all of the PEG stations want to tell the stories of their local businesses who do best practices. There are about 1400+ PEG stations and many have asked to air the episode of Small Business School. Some stations are being given rights to do so when episodes have run their three-year cycle on PBS-member stations. Also, after checking with some of the PBS-affiliates, and confirming that they do not have room in their schedule for the show, we have authorized the PEG station to commence airings.

There are many PBS and PEG stations that want to produce new episodes within their market space and could readily produce three or four episodes per year. Although those done by a station may not be as highly produced episodes as SBS, each production promotes interest in further productions.

We are all becoming producers

The PEG station's broadcasts could well become the first audition for a small business.  The PBS stations may well broadcast the first iteration of a local episode.  Their programming directors could pick it up for national syndication in the USA.  The Voice of America may well pick it up for global syndication.  Fox Business may decide your clip is strong enough for an in NYC studio live interview.  Then the global stations may decide it warrants airing within their country. 

Your inisghts and ideas are invited:  Click here. Your feedback is very important.