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Changing the Way We Work Together to Help One Another, p. 7

Case Study: From Key Issues to Verticals

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Top, left-to-right: Jim Schell - Succession and Financials, Wahoo's owners - leadership, retail, restaurants,  Albert Black - Staying Power
2nd row: Vicky Carlson - Women - Security, Ray Smilor - ESOPs, Nani Waldroups - Financials
3rd row: Reed Pigman - Staying Power - Leadership, Pamela Rodgers - Women, retail, Larry Starks - Exit Strategies

All these people are advocate for their local chamber of commerce.

Many episodes of the show are represented here:

  • "Exit to Equity" is a key episode for the Baby Boomers. 

  • "Staying Power" opens the way to the fast-growth and slow-growth issues.

  • "Protect Your Ideas" opens copyright, trademark and patent protection discussions. 

  • The" Women are Everywhere"is a great study for women business owners.  "Leadership" will challenge anyone to have more courage. 

  • "Security" is a "must-see" for all of us doing business ion the web. 

  • "Understanding Your Financials" could be a good new member ice-breaker. 

Then, of course, all these episodes are being aggregated by business type so each becomes a study center for those in manufacturing, service, including restaurants and retail.

Changing the Way We All See Business
  1.   The national media's negative portrayal of business can change.
  2.   Lift up more positive role models
  3.   Drive local ratings up
  4.   Reward the good;  ignore the bad.

Changing the Way We work Together to Help One Another
  5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast

 7.   Use this website as your own

  8.   Let no business fail for lack of help.

Changing Ourselves:  Everybody is a producer.
  9.    Provide even more value for members
10.   Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
11.   Open a local small business index.
12.   Help Create sustainable businesses

Key References:

An index for these 12 pages
An Open Letter to our friends
Homepage for this presentation

Use this website within your Chamber's site

This site can easily be branded for each Chamber-partner. The open letter explains why we are ready to do this for every chamber in America.

Here is an example of one of our earlier cooperative efforts! (opens in a new browser). They'll be the first to get the new version.

Five Key Ideas to Use a Case Study Guide

  1. As the subject for the morning-coffee study group
  2. As the subject for the luncheon study group
  3. As the subject for the Cocktail-Hour Study Group
  4. One-a-day plan: Drive a key idea to your site each day
  5. Create your own lesson plan by vertical market or key idea

Study Groups about Key Issues:  Succession strategies for the Baby Boomers, start up issues for the new comers, fast-growth problems for some, and slow-growth problems for others, women's studies, retail studies, restaurant studies, service studies, intellectual property studies, leadership studies, understanding-one's-financials studies...  and it'll only get richer and deeper as we all share. 

You are invited to use this website as your own.

We always invite our viewers COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS and we invite the same from you. Your feedback is very important.