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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Business is the Chamber of Commerce

Case Study:  It is good to volunteer.

Chamber Members Literally Change the World

Toby Malichi, Malichi International, Indianpolis, IndianaTomDonahue.jpg
Giovanni.jpgIsabel HilliardJohn Hawkins
Steve AndersonCindyMcEntee.jpgTereZubi.jpgMarcKatz.jpgJames Wordsworth

Top left to right : Toby Malichi, John Bachman, Albert Black, Tom Donahue and Leon Trammell
2nd row: Giovanni Cortaldo, Maura Donahue, Isabel Hilliard, John Hawkins, and Susan Hager (all one one video clip)
3rd row:  Steve Anderson, Cindy McEntee, Zubi Zubizaretta, Marc Katz, and James Wordsworth

Click on a picture:  Each pictures goes to a segment of the episode of the show about volunteering within your Chamber of Commerce. All these business leaders volunteer.  More...

Please noteMany  leaders can be in the same clip.

Topics for Discussion:

1. Find the best of the best.

It is a very simple, common-sense concept.  Let's find great stories among all the business membership organizations and associations.

The Chambers recognize and often reward those who do good things within a community. Chambers reinforce the good and they discuss, analyze and attempt to change the bad.

Since 1994 we have turned to the Chambers to validate, recommend and guide us with the selection of businesses for each episode of the show. The people within the Chambers know who the givers are! The Chambers know who the thinkers and leaders are! 

There is a substantial discussion to help drive Chamber membership just to get qualified on that list!

2. Expand the number of local productions.

With the convergence of all technologies and the infrastructures for broadcasting, information, communications, education, publishing and systems (BICEPS), it is the right time to expand this kind of television.

The big goal is to increase productions from 26 episodes per year to 4000 episodes per year where there are at least 13 episodes per year created within each Designated Market Area (DMA).

3. Take over the show in your market.

We are prepared to turn over the show within each local market. With it, we turn over the entire web site and all the resources we have aggregated since 1994. The branding of this web site, beginning with the homepage and including every page throughout it can become each local chamber's. Even the pictures within this section of the site can be of members and local events.

From the early beginning in 1994, we invited our viewers' COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS.  The feedback from each episode of the show has been most encouraging. 

In keeping with that long tradition, we ask you for your comments or questions about what you are reading on this page. Your feedback is key. More...


Go to a television special about all the volunteers within the Chambers of Commerce, all working to build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Changing the Way We All See Business
.   The national media's negative portrayal of business can change.
  2.   Lift up more positive role models
  3.   Drive local ratings up
  4.   Reward the good;  ignore the bad.

Changing the Way We work Together to Help One Another
  5.   Lead the 24x7 convergence 
  6.   Collaborate after every broadcast
  7.   Use this website as your own
  8.   Let no business fail for lack of help.

Changing Ourselves:   Everybody is a producer.
  9.    Provide even more value for members
10.   Get involved with your PEG and PBS stations
11.   Open a local small business index.
12.   Help create sustainable businesses

Role models for our children and each other:

In Chambers of Commerce around the world, there are people who stand out. Their businesses are doing well. They can afford to be generous. And, they make good things happen in their community.  All of them have an excellent story about the meaning and value of life and work.

These kinds of stories are ignored by the media.

Instead there is the incessant bombardment of negative stories that focus on the underbelly of business. It has an effect. First, the culture begins to distrust business. And eventually, we even begin to distrust ourselves and each other.   Too many people think that "Everybody has an angle.  Everybody is in it for themselves."

Small Business School focuses on good people doing good things, working hard to make the world a better place. The people on this show open up new frontiers by breaking through old boundary conditions. They teach by example. And, now more than ever, the world needs to see our best, not our worst.

Best business practices in any community in the world is a front line defense against fanaticism.

Twelve Proposals for Cooperative Efforts

Within these twelve proposals (top right) this web site and the weekly show are offered to chambers and their leaders who can leverage these assets to build better chambers and a healthier climate for business. 

Take All of our Chambers of Commerce Together

Think of the character and depth of spirit represented by all the people within Chambers of Commerce around the world.  It is the best of the business community.  Of course, there are marginal people involved, but the strong majority are the most generous, gifted leaders in every community.  This group -- including the US Chamber of Commerce, all 50+ State Chambers and the Territories' Chambers,  and 3000-to-4000 local Chambers of Commerce –  are each uniquely  trying to make the world a better place through the innovations of business.  More...

Add the Better Business Bureaus, National Federation of Independent Business, the thousands of national trade associations, and the many other local business advocacy groups including service organizations like the Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions and you have the Spirit of America and the wealth of the nation. By working together, finding literally thousands of stories each year, we will all feel differently about business.

Taken together, we can be an even greater transformative agent for good in our world.

On this television show, you have heard it said many times, "Business is not about greed."  Although there are plenty of greedy people within business, business is fundamentally about creating something of value. And, real business happens when there is a transaction based on the integrity of that value.

Small Business School seeks the most outstanding small businesses among your membership to tell their story to the nation, to lift them up to teach us all from the depths of their experience. They're better than professional actors, their stories are believable, inspirational and give us hope for the future.  Out of as many as 300 recommendations;  virtually all would be great.  Selection...

This document is a working document. There are twelve key points much like the key ideas from an episode of the show. The document, however, is a proposal to every Chamber of Commerce to more actively participate in the selection process and the productions of each episode of the show within their market space.

To that end, we are making very definitive proposals with each key point.