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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

An entrepreneur always has at least four options in life:


about starting...

1. How do I get started in business?

2. How do I finance my startup?

3. What kind of business should I start?

4. What products should I make or sell?

about growing...

1. How do I grow? How do I keep on growing?

2. How do I build a really big business?
    How can I grow this business faster?

3. How do I keep employees productive?

4. How do I manage cash flow?

about buying...

1. How do I buy a business?

2. How does a family-owned business incorporate family members as the company grows?

3. When does buying your competitor make sense?

4. Why buy an old business with old products?

and, about selling...

1. When do I sell?

2. How do I find buyers for my business?

3. Who can help me sell my business?

4. Should I take the company public? Should I go to Wall Street?

Albert Black Start a Business

Albert Black says, "Be willing to start small."
He had no money but he was willing to put in the hours.
Key Question: What products could I make or sell?

hrb.jpg Grow a Business

Do you grasp the power of an e-business? Throughout all recorded history, it is the revolution of all revolutions, yet even bigger are coming!
Key Question: How do I keep on growing?


Buy a Business
Some family businesses have been passed down for more than 40 generations. It is always a hurdle.
Key Question: How do I buy a business?

Cindy McEntee, Mo's Chowder, Newport, Oregon

Sell a Business
Formally pass the business on with each successive generation. Get some help. Don't let the dream become a nightmare. Visit Mo's Chowder. They got some help!
Key Question: How do I prepare the next generation?