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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021


The best teachers, counselors and mentors

Of course, we believe you should be a mentor and have a mentor.  You are an excellent teacher for somebody.  And surely, there must be a few people in the world with whom you would like to be their student.

Every person on this show wants to help.  They have done their best to share their insights and inspirations.

We hope you will spend some time going through their answers by key questions!

Index of a few letters by topic and author

Topic                   Focus / Author               Episode

Critics                Internet / Gloria              Internet Basics
                          Mo's / Joseph                  Mo's

Education          College / Thomson           Favorites #1 & #2
                          HS / Coyman                   Related episode
                          HS / Bonetti                     Chocolate Crickets
                          Learn from All           

Help!                 Internet / Bernadette    Staying Power

Indexes             Index of Learning Companies

Industries          Type of Business:  Restaurants

Key Ideas          Cash Flow / Gardiner       Many
                          Compensation                  Many
                          Financials / Stickney         Related episode
                          GPS-based Cities              $0-to-$1B
                          Incubators / Shamiso
                          Podcasts / Gardiner
                          Retirement / Anderson
                          Services  (Professsional)   Many
                          Advertising, Architecture, Animation, Design
                          SWOT Analysis / Anderson           

Paths & Steps   An Idea / Jason
                         Start Up / Cope

Producers         We are all Producers

Thanks              From Cliff Prescott, Fat Towels

We all need help of some kind!  And, there are many organizations that want to help you be successful.

Federal:  The government does.  They have the Small Business Administration and many state and local offices.  Your closest local office is easy to kind at  Plus they support SCORE business counselors and the Small Business Development Centers.  The SCORE office in Corpus Christi sponsors the show!   The Department of Commerce wants to help you  export.  Check out their export hotline.

State and City:  Every state and many cities have economic development commissions that want to help their local businesses thrive.  Look at our resources online by state as a start.

National Trade Associations:  Every business sector has a national trade association.  There are over 40,000 such associations and there are about 5,000 associations with over 1000 members.  That includes just about every business in the USA!  

Chambers of Commerce:  There are national, state and local chambers who all assist members to get stronger and more focused.

Big Business:    Many big businesses have mentoring programs.  If you work with any big business, ask them if they have a mentoring program.

Coaches and Mentors:  There are many very fine people in every organization above and also many have become somewhat independent.  There are professional coaches and business counselors

There is no lack of people to help!

More to come...