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Last Update: Thursday September 23, 2021

Chambers of Commerce throughout the World

The Daily Video Clip Player for Chambers

A new video plays every time your members visit your website.  There is no cost for this clip player for the chamber or for your members. One person from the chamber should be a member of Small Business School.  The history of the Chamber's involvement with the show is well documented throughout this web site.

Every Chamber takes their members global

1. Perhaps four global tours per year for your Chamber

2.  The Daily Global tour

Other resources:

1.  The agreement for the Daily Video Tips

2.  The images available for use

3.  A resource for your business school

Small Business School has worked with Chambers of Commerce since the very beginning of the television show in 1994. The founders of Small Business School have been active within their local, state and the US Chamber of Commerce. Since 2007, we have become active with Chambers of Commerce around the world.

All the school's resources are available for use by any Chamber of Commerce.  This includes:

  1. The episode of the show to help Chambers recruit new members
  2. A section to help a Chamber do their own episodes
  3. A special section just for chamber executives
  4. An open letter to our chambers

Episodes involving local chambers

Just a few of the business owners who are all very active with their local chambers of commerce:

1.  Albert Black, On Target Supplies, Dallas, Texas.  When we first met Albert, he was the head of their small business task force.  He became the volunteer president, then the Chairman of the Board for many years.

2.  Cindy McEntee, Mo's Chowder, Newport, Oregon.  Cindy has been the volunteer president and has served on virtually every committee! 

3.  The Chambers of Commerce of Silver City and Las Cruces, New Mexico.  In this episode you meet many different members, all very active within their local chamber.

4.  Chambers of Commerce of Midcoast Maine. Meet members of seven chambers!

5.  Ahmad Chebbani, Omnex Tax Service & Accounting, Dearborn, Michigan.  Ahmad was the founder of the American-Arab Chamber of Commerce.

6.  Frank Jao, Bridgecreek Development, Huntington Beach, California.  Frank has been active and on the board of the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

About all those pages and listings of Small Business Resources

The first website for the television series was launched in December 1994.  For every episode there was an overview, transcript and study guide.  There were also listings of resources for small businesses that were national (US Chamber of Commerce, SBA-SBDC-SCORE, Better Business Bureau, etc.),  and then there were listings by state. 

Now, Google and other search engines have eliminated the need for such pages.  The only listings will be of recommended businesses for a local episode of a show, and then for the national or global release.

In the near future, control over each listing will be given to the owners of the information by state and then by Designated Market Area (DMA).

These are all now being updated and moved into the new formats.