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Indigenous Medicinal Plants from the Amazon Rain Forests

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Boulder, Colorado: Debra St. Claire started this business in 1993 because she could see how to merge her two loves together in a new way. She decided to make her own peppermint; she was willing to compete with the industry's giants to help further her cause to preserve a very special part of the earth, the Ethno-Medicine Preservation Project in the Amazon Basin. Medicinals from those rain forests have a chemistry that heals in ways that pharmeceuticals do not.

With vegetarian sensitivities, Debra St.Claire was so disappointed when she discovered that there was beef gelatin in her favorite peppermints, she said, "I'll make my own!"
Out of one of America's hotbeds for creativity, Boulder, Colorado, comes the story of St.Claire's Organic Sweets. Now on hundreds of store shelves, Debra has wittingly and unwittingly involved hundreds of thousands of people (her customers) in a very important preservation project. Also, she loves poetry and every time somebody opens one of her peppermint (or, is it a breathmint?) tins, she gives them a little universal truth like the poetry from the heart of people like Mahatma Gandhi.   

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