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Counter-Intuitive Marketing

San Diego, California: Meet John Hawkins and learn about his company, Cloud 9 Shuttle; he threw out conventional marketing wisdom, pulled the company out of bankruptcy, turned employees into owners, and installed key technologies. It just doesn't get any better than this. Not that it has been easy for John and his team; it has been very tough. Yet, this is the great American success story. He may not have made billion of dollars, he did save a business and instills confidence being a good citizen is good business.

Upon arriving in America's Finest City with her beautiful, cloudless skies and moderate weather, you quickly discover that there are ubiquitous clouds at city's airport, Lindbergh Field. Here, the clouds are "Cloud 9" vans, a shuttle service from the airport to anywhere.

But it wasn't always so perfect in this perfect city.

This is a turnaround story. It's a branding story. And, it is a love story. To begin this story we went to the airport to meet the man who knows San Diego better than anyone. John Hawkins just loves this community and her people. And because of his service, when we asked about a business to study, everybody said, "John Hawkins"  ...the Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Mayor's office, Economic Development and so many more.  Visit with John as he explains change.

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They are loved by their community and respected in their industry.

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Renegade Animation competes effectively against Warner Brothers, the "big boys" of animation. Ashley Postlewaite and Darrell van Citters just knew they could do it faster and better, so in 1992 they started their own business!
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Nicole Miller and her partner, Bud Konheim, have licensed their brand to many independent, elegant, boutique stores throughout the USA. If you want to be in fashion, select your favorite designer and see what it costs to get an exclusive for your neighborhood...

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