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These women are making our world a better place.

Fashion quality that is ageless and everyday


New York, NY:  In this episode we go to the heart of the fashion industry and behind the scenes of Nicole Miller, a fashion house on Seventh Avenue to meet the founders, Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim.  In an industry where even top designers have taken production overseas, Nicole Miller pieces all proudly wear the label, "Made in New York."

It's a stroke of genius for these times, but the reasons go far beyond patriotism. For Nicole Miller, it's all rooted in the fabric of the American entrepreneurial dream: pride of idea, of process, and of execution.

We Americans are driven by the pursuit of happiness
, and Nicole Miller makes sure the chase is fun. From her selection of inspired seasonal colors to "ageless" designs, her creations epitomize our need for personal expression and individuality. The Konheim/Miller creed is that her clothing is designed to 'make somebody happy,' and her innovative creations move us beyond wearing mere clothing to wearing fashion.

Aesthetics matter, and what the wearer beholds as beauty, translates into a feeling of happiness and a sense of real value for the price.

And as Nicole Miller's success attests, woven into those feelings are the threads of satisfied customers and repeat business.

Founded in 1982, Nicole Miller today is a thriving concern with 165 employees working either at headquarters in New York City on 7th Avenue, in the warehouse or in the retail stores. There are 30 Nicole Miller Boutiques around the country, and the line is sold in exclusive retailers like Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

This is the heart of New York City and American capitalism
. Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Manhattan, creativity and community are thriving in the offices of Nicole Miller. Around the design table, ideas are exchanged and debated, fabrics selected, patterns modified, and the season's lines born as part of a collaborative process.

It's the very fabric of global commerce being created seamlessly from the designer, to the pattern maker, to the draper and on to the seamstress who turns the fabric into much sought-after Nicole Miller designs. And at the very core, the common thread throughout, is an unfailing commitment to the partnership and relationships-with employees, suppliers, resellers and, of course, customers.

Nicole Miller is a firm producing happiness
where people want to work creating beautiful fashion that people want to buy. Though they have celebrity customers like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Cattrall, Hillary Duff and Mena Suvari, they also have people like Hattie and women of every size and personality.

Nicole, Bud, and their spirited team have their hand on the pulse of women. While they earn a living helping women feel happy, they work for no money on causes important to women.

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With courage, tenacity, genius,* vision, these woman make a difference.

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* We all have a special sliver of genius.

In the earliest days of the broadcasts of this show (back in 1994-1995), there was a special segment called "the Sliver of Genius." Then we began to realize virtually every successful business is built on that special focus.

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