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What does love have to do with it? Virtually everything!

People are Both Teachable and Lovable.

Gap, Pennsylvania: Auntie Anne's is not small any more; and in this episode of Small Business School, you learn why Anne Beiler stirred up a delicious product that millions love today but it required vision -- cash and courage -- to open those hundreds of locations.

An angel investor stood by her while bank after bank turned her down because the purpose of this business was to make money then give it away. Her generous spirit is infused throughout this company and it is their secret ingredient. Anne has proven that her franchisees want to run a business built on love. While most franchise companies have to market to find new owners, Anne has to turn away hundreds who want to buy into her concept. Products topped with her love of people make Anne Beiler a leadership example to follow.

In 1988 Anne Beiler turned a mistake into a new product. She was preparing food to sell at Saturday's farmers' market. Like so many of us, she did not have the right ingredients and began to substitute things she had on hand.   What came out of her oven was a wonderful soft pretzel. But, she wasn't satisfied there. She and her husband further tweaked that new recipe until she heard, "Wow!" from her hungry customers.

Today, Auntie Anne's Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels are baked fresh in over 800 locations and are the perfect high carbohydrate, low-fat, back-to-the-basics snack so many people crave. Customers will part with nearly $500 million a year to enjoy this hot treat.

So now, we travel out to Gap in Pennsylvania's Amish Country; it is a simpler place. And though it may be an unlikely place to be running a fast-growing business, maybe there are lessons here for all of us in these hostile times.  This business is based on love and on giving. This is the American Dream. It has come alive for all the right reasons. 

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The best of business has common foundations with the best
within all religions, good science, and even good government.

Anne Beiler said, "And I began to realize that to dream is one thing, but to actually bring that dream into fruition takes an awful lot of hard work, perseverance, patience, discipline, all the things that don't come easy for most of us."

"When you go into business, you know, you've got to look beyond the norm."

She continued, "The concept of giving, the power, the force behind giving, I can't explain that, but there's something wrapped into that word of giving that there's really no explanation, but I can say that it works."

"I think that you can take love into the workplace and make it a place where people love to come to work and enjoy each other. And people say, 'Love in the workplace?' Yeah, it works. And it's basic, it's maybe old-fashioned, but I think without those ingredients in the workplace, I'm a firm believer that that's what will make you successful. Without it, yes, you may make money, but you won't feel the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment."  More...

There are many others who have talked about love in the workplace

ORANGE.JPG Treat Employees like Family

Carol Orange Schroeder, founder of Orange Tree in Madison, Wisconsin says, "We've had 120 employees over those 21 years, and we're still in touch with almost all of them." 

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Pam_McNair_1.jpg Treat People with Deep Respect

Pam McNair-Wingate says, "Make people more important than cash." She treats people with deep respect and all the others follow that lead.

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Be the Person Your Children Want to Work for

Hope Lancarte, the Matriarch of Joe T. Garcia's Restaurant in Fort Worth tries to emulate her mother whom everybody just loved. 

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Put People Ahead of Profits.

Meet Judi Jacobsen, founder of Madison Park Greeting in Seattle.  She  says, "Put People ahead of profits."

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