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Last Update: Thursday July 29, 2021

Use Your Intuition in Business

A most remarkable story about distribution

Offices in Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City: Anne McGilvray knows how to pick products that capture our lighter side, spark our imaginations, and make us smile; her husband, Michael controls the magic of technology that took a $2M per year Mom-and-Pop shop and to a $60M per-year, major distribution channel to over 60,000 retail chains.

This wonderful story begins like so many, one person goes out selling. Anne started this business by selling holiday cards and then she became a manufacturer's rep.

Spend some time with this episode of the show and you'll learn what it takes to have the magic touch.

From jaw-breakers to comic books to wrapping paper to watches, if you can get on their train track, your product has a chance of becoming the next big thing. First, we will learn a little about how she selects products and how she merchandises to insure success.

When we meet her technology wizard, her husband, Michael McGilvary, he is quite playful. However, Mike's goal is to be as close to a paperless back-office "as practical." And obviously, they train their people well;  you will meet grandmothers who use some of the most sophisticated wide-area networking technologies that exist today.

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We visit AMCI in Dallas with Anne & Michael McGilvray.

Duplicate Yourself

4:21 | Play Now

Anne McGlivray started hiring people because she wanted to share the fun and profits she discovered as a manufacturer's representative.

Let Your Childhood Inform You

3:10 | Play Now

Anne has a "feel for the cloth." Many say she started the "little yellow ducky" fad. A craftsman, George Kartsotis, says that Anne's ideas have been key to his success.

Test, Train Tell The Truth When Recruiting

3:27 | Play Now

Recruiting and retaining over 100 productive sales reps is an on-going challenge at AMCI. Testing, training and telling the truth are the three parts of its the success strategy.

Let Go Sooner Than Later

1:53 | Play Now

Anne McGilvray says that keeping people in the company who are not performing is just as bad for the you are keeping as it is for the company.

Go Digital

4:37 | Play Now

Anne hired her husband, Michael, because she was stuck. She was smart enough to know that her company had outgrown her ability to take it to the next level. Michael applied his knowledge of computing way before there was such a thing as the Internet.

Hire Big Business Experience

1:05 | Play Now

Host Hattie Bryant says that Anne was able to go from $2 to $60 million in annual sales because she saw the need for big systems.

Study Customer Behavior

1:16 | Play Now

Anne McGilvray is so serious about understanding her customers that she decided to become a customer herself.

Commit to Commit

4:11 | Play Now

Michael McGilvray has fun solving the problems of growth.