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She Transformed An Industry


Miami, Florida
:   In this episode you meet, "Mama Zubi." That is what everyone affectionately called Tere Zubizarreta. She died in 2007 and left an extraordinary legacy for all of us. 

She started working as a secretary at an advertising agency.  She thought Hispanics were being ignored and in 1976 she got up the nerve to start hoer own agency to specialize in crafting messages to Hispanic markets.  Today Zubi Advertising is the largest independent buyer of advertising on Univision. Their success is based upon insight that comes from a deep, empathic understanding of people.

You will learn that this advertising agency applies science to lights, cameras and plenty of action. Plus, we look inside Cuba, marriage, and the family.

Today, Zubi Advertising is the largest privately-held, full-service Hispanic agency in the U.S. with offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Antonio and over 100 employees.

Miami has truly become a magnificent and unique city especially as seen from the bustling and beautiful Bay Biscayne. But it has something in common with nine other big American cities: a fast-growing Hispanic population. And, it's from here that some of the best advertising is created for the entire Hispanic - American market.

Come with us to a little enclave just southwest of the city known as Coral Gables. And here, we find the colorful offices of Zubi Advertising.  And, here you hear why Tere Zubizarreta, an icon in the Hispanic community of the USA, has left such a profound impact on everyone she touched.

Her office, the halls and walls are lined with awards, citations and symbols that applaud the service that she and this agency have given to the community. This generous spirit has gained her and their agency accolades from local, national and international leaders.

Teresa Zubizarreta will forever be a new American and a new American hero. She came from Cuba and reminds us that freedom is not free. She was glad to be in a country that has been built by men and women who believe that personal freedom is the right of every human.  As a 21 year-old Tere came to Miami with her family to escape the despotism of Castro's regime. For Tere, this oligarch brandishing his communist ideologies was unacceptable. When you hear and see this story, you will be thankful for the USA, a place where you are free to pursue your ideas and chase your dreams.

Her work was to champion and empower other people's dreams. And she did it in rather extraordinary ways. Tere will always be remembered for trying to give the credit for her work to someone else.  

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