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Start a business that focuses on something fundamental like light!

Reinventing the home & office

Jack Miller, the scientific mind behind NoUVIR Lighting

Seaford, Delaware: The bold among us take on the giants of industry. Here is a classic David & Goliath story. Their slingshot is the US Patent & Trademark Office. Goliath looks like GE, Osram Sylvania and Phillips. And, true to form, they slay the giants.

Their advice for inventors is timeless.

In this episode of the show, you meet two of the brainiest people we've gotten to know, and we've met lots of geniuses since we began in 1994. They hold over 100 patents; they're expert witnesses on patent infringement lawsuits. And, they truly understand intellectual capital. Their lighting business is extraordinary. Museums around the world come to them to provide the type of lighting that does not damage physical artifacts.  Meet Ruth Ellen Miller and her ever-inventive father and business partner, Jack Miller.

For everything precious in your sight, their lighting works, but doesn't destroy.  Fabergé Eggs, a first draft of the Declaration of Independence, the first baseball, Marilyn Monroe's dress, and all kinds of priceless works of art all have something in common.  Each is lit by NoUVIR's pure light -- no UltraViolet and no InfraRed. UV and IR found in typical lighting will destroy art and artifacts over time.

How would you like to have a conversation about photons? It is very possible and quite welcomed in this business. These people love light. And at the heart of light is a photon, and deep within the photon, they can actually see the meaning and value of life.

Ruth Ellen was the Small Business Person of the Year from the great state of Delaware. From our first state and second smallest state; she and her father- inventor- business partner are making a huge impact on the way we see the light -- from our understanding of the very nature of it, to the ways we actually use it to illuminate our homes, offices and museums.

These two have become points of light themselves. They take you inside their beautiful Victorian home -- and behind the scenes -- to see more fiber optic high-tech wizardry tucked behind walls, under floors, and in the ceilings. This home is so tastefully lighted it also serves as a demonstration center of their entire product line. It convinced Colonial Williamsburg to adopt their lighting!

Here small business is again changing the way we see the world and this business is on the forefront to bring new products to market. Ruth is driven by fine art; Jack, who began his career at Cal Tech as an engineer-scientist, is always seeking the edge of scientific inquiry and truth.

Though changing the way museums around the world light artwork, soon they just may change the lighting we use throughout our offices and homes. Here is a true 21st century business that will help preserve art work for an eternity and energy forever.

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And bring alive the old quote, "Art is long; life is short."

Ruth Ellen Miller, founder, NoUVIR Lighting

Chaucer's original Latin verse was "Ars longa, vita brevis."
Yet, if you make all of life an art, and your life will be long.
Make your company an art, and it will live beyond you. 

If you would like to live life as an art, you will have to be constantly working to engage and understand its many-sided perfections. Do that, and you will have uncommon success with all your days. To learn how, study these wonderful people and their wisdom.     Prior homepage...

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