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Bill Antle
Oak Industries

" We brought on good people that were very entrepreneurial, who viewed this as a start-up. And we were very lucky to form a very good team."
   - Bill Antle

Waltham, Massachusetts: Turnaround expert, William S. Antle III, tells how he took an old, worn-out company and brought it back to life. Just north of Boston, Oak Industries manufactures electronic parts for telecommunications equipment.

In the last quarter of the company's history, it had sales of $120.7 million dollars. The annual sales were $443.9 million, up 28 percent over sales of $347.9 million of the prior year.

Bill Antle is a person in motion. Besides serving as the Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oak Industries, Bill is an active director on many other boards. Esco Electronics Corporation, Genrad, Inc., and New England Investment Companies (Nvest) have been glad to have his magic touch.

This segment we describe as a "Sliver of Genius". We all have one. After seeing Bill in action, you'll be asking, "OK, where's mine?"

Update: You have guessed correctly. Bill sold the business. Corning Frequency Control, a division of the Corning Corporation, bought Oak in January 2000.

Today, Bill continues to serve on boards of directors. On April 8, 2003 Checkpoint Systems announced his appointment to their Board. He also served on the board of John H. Harland Company.

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