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Good People and Good Businesses.
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If the business is in bold, the link goes to their television profile and there is a separate listing to go to their web site. The link to the referencing organization is the abbreviation within the listing. These links go to the state's small business resource page. For more information, click on Web Profiles.

Step 1: A word from the Governor.Join-join-join and get recommended by your Chamber of Commerce or by your local public television station, and get listed. We invite all good small businesses in the state who have a good story to tell -- you have a good business and you are good to your community -- to be listed here.

If you have registered on this site, you may be listed; however, you will need local references from your Chamber, SBDC, MPBC, your business editors of your local newspapers, and/or Maine's DECD to remain on this listing.

These are a few of the good businesses of Maine:

Yes, we welcome your suggestions.