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Ahmed Chebbani, CPA and trusted advisorCarolyne Fox, CPA and trusted advisorHattie takes us within 20 businesses that talk about capital.Employee Stock Ownership, this is Ray SmilorAndy Murstein, SBICDeborah Bortner, Securities Commissioner, State of Washington, talks about the SCOR
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Episodes about Financial Services (from left to right)
CPA firm - Omnex Accounting, Ahmad Chebbani
CPA firm - Mir, Fox, Rodriguez, Carolyne Fox
TV Special - All about money with Hattie Bryant
ESOP Advisory - Ray Smilor, UCSD Rady School
Small Business Investment Company - Medallion
State Securities Commissioner - Deborah Bortner
AICPA & Small Business School
Using financial ratios as benchmarks
Get Everybody Involved
AICPA & Small Business School
AICPA & Small Business School
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AICPA & Small Business School
AICPA & Small Business School
AICPA & Small Business School
Small Business Index of Learning Companies. All small businesses should be learning companies. In several episodes of the show we learned the remarkable results that occur when the owner teaches employees how to read the financial statement and how to have bottomline accountability based on their unique key critical ratios.
TRUST YOUR ADVISORS - Put your CPA on Notice: Small business CPAs are naturally conservative and unless you ask them for advice on capital programs, they probably will not volunteer. But, these people, as a group will keep you on the straight and narrow. The best run small businesses turn to their CPAs as trusted advisors.
Business Basics:
Raising operating capital:
Equity/Liquidity Models and an Exit Strategy:
  1. Employee Stock Ownership: Three businesses and three flavors of employee stock ownership. Meet Ray Smilor, the Executive Director of the Beyster Institute, ESOP experts.
  2. Selling Your Business: You'll need your lawyer, CPA, and a business broker. Meet three small business owners who knew it was time to move on and let somebody else pick up the reins.
  3. Sell to publicly-traded company: You'll especially need your lawyer, CPA, and a business broker. Meet two who navigated the waters and did well.
  4. Sell to one of the top 1000 publicly-traded companies: The larger the deal the more important it is to have experts at your side. Get the best lawyer, CPA, and merger-and-acquisition specialists.
It is your turn:
  1. Recommendations? These episodes of the show are profiles of good small business owners who have been recommended to us by the small business advocates within an area. Now everybody is a producer. Though we have always encouraged the recommendations of our viewers and web visitors, the show is being rebirthed as a local show so as many as 4000 profiles can be done each year. Since 1994 these television profiles have aired throughout the USA on PBS-member stations and around the world on the Voice of America. If you know a great business in the financial services, let us know!

  2. I want to recommend my own business. Are you in the financial services industry? Would you like to be listed an linked from this page of the web site. You can. Sign Up today, and then begin working throughout this web site on the Interactive Questions. Once you have populated a template and you like how your answers look on a page, it can be published on this site. We'll need to hear from some local people -- "these folks are great" -- and that could come from your local Chamber of Commerce, National Trade Association, a local Economic Development Commission, your Better Business Bureau and your CPA.

    Once you complete this step, you are then on the list for consideration of an episode, or part of an episode, of the show when we are in production in your home town.

We invite your questions or comments.

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The Small Business Index of Learning Companies
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