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We live in the present; we reflect on the past; we anticipate the future; and we struggle to know what is important and good within life.
Small Business School
Of course, we all need help. Find good people to get to know and trust; people from whom you can learn.
Small Business School
Find a mentor. Become a mentor.
Have a mentor. Be a protégé.

Be a mentor. Have a protégé.
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Eight steps of small business

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2. The episode of the show entitled, "Exceeding Expectations" visits with Lupe Fraga.
3. " The First Shall Be Last" visits with Pam McNair of Gadabout Spa & Salons.
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5. Meet Albert Black of On Target Supplies & Logisitics talk about "Tough Love."

Business is about creating value; and one of the key values is our relation with other people. We have found the strongest small business owners have mentors and they are a mentor. There is something magical about asking somebody, "Will you guide me? Will you teach me?" And in doing so, we gain wisdom, and we are now in position to also be a mentor.

#1. Have a Mentor - Be a Mentor within your national trade association.

#2.Have a Mentor - Be a Mentor within an educational and civic organization. Consider your local Chamber of Commerce. Find good people in the cmmunity who are willing to look over your shoulder and be a help. Your lawyer, CPA, and banker are all mentors in a special way. But, go beyond them. Find another within your industry or a similar industry. Find a customer or a supplier.

Cross-industry groups, such as your Better Business Bureau and educational groups such as your local public television station are also important. Work with your Economic Development Commission, SBDC, and/or your local university (continuing education courses). Each can introduce new perspectives quickly.

#3. Have a Mentor - Be a Mentor within your religious, moral or ethics-based organization. They all help us focus on universal values which provide a deepness, centering, balancing, perspective and, yes, even wisdom. These are insights we all need in these times.

#4. Become a mentor to SmallBusinessSchool. The growing community of Small Business School will be ever so grateful: No one who has ever been on this show has paid to be on it or pays for these pages on this site. SmallBusinessSchool is all about rewarding the good and turning our back to the bad.

Let us know you were here*: Without any charges or hooks of any kind, you can be listed under your state's pages. Then, if you think you would like to get on track to have a local episode of the show about your business, you can begin answering questions and create content on this site -- an overview, case study, and transcript about your business. Essentially it is your script for that episode which will become the video!

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