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First, Know The Universe To Know Yourself And Your Business

This simple, mathematical ordering system applies to everything.

From the very smallest possible length in the universe to the largest, there are just 201+ base-2 exponential notations (doublings, layers or steps). That includes from the first moment of time to this very day. Sounds impossible, but by doubling each success- ive notation -- simple mathematics -- a chart evolved. Then another. And another. The first chart was a rather unique prop to assist our Executive Producer, Bruce Camber, to teach five high school geometry classes. That chart, dubbed Big Board - little universe is sttill in its formative stages. Your thoughts and comments are most welcomed. Have you ever seen our entire universe mathematically-and-geometrically notated in a natural, sequenced order?

Apply the deep perfections that give rise to this universe and to you.

Secularist call it a multiverse. Universalists call it a Force. Most religions call it God. Whatever word you use, this order has been, and continues to be, experienced within this chaotic quantum world. Think about the balances of energy that give us life, a heartbeat, cellular division, growth, inspiration, innovation, love, and so many other higher perfections...(yes, the list goes on). This order and balance beget symmetries which can beget harmonies. Within space-and-time, our deepest drivers push our imperfections to a higher order. More...

Get involved with the next three revolutions of insight.

Water, energy, gravitation. The basics just might be understood in new ways such that there are advances that heretofore have eluded us to begin creating pure unlimited water, clean unlimited energy, and gravitational control. The world of science fiction could become science fact. Any one of those three will change everything because it is a fundamental paradigm shift and opens scientific explorations in very new ways simply because the first 60+ steps of 201+ notations (doublings) have been virtually ignored and unexplored.    Courage is required...


Boardroom, founder Marty Edelston



Invention, Innovation, and A Paradigm Shift

The core values of perfection evolve. Known by many different names, quality control has a many-sided perfection. It all started as a focus on best practices in management and then expanded to continuous improvement processes. From manufacturing it is extended to every aspect of business.

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