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Last Update: Sunday February 25, 2018

All of us are given a de facto business when we are born. Unfortunately, people sell themselves short before starting.

When people register here and leave the Title and Company Name blank,
it often gets completed for them
. Michael did just that and received an email from us: "We know that you are a student; however, our registration discipline also makes you an Owner  of your own company, Your Full Name & CompanyIt is the de facto  business created by you  at birth, in waiting for your coming of age. It is you and your tribe."

"We wish you well in moving forward to shape your unique gifts and talents and to build a business around them!  If you are already in business under some other name, enjoy this ideal business. It is a natural part of who you are. Use it for new ideas."

PS.  Study best business practices like the videos from our television show.  Every video aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and via the Voice of America-TV around the worldShot on-location  (all insights from owners who were selected by their peers),  learn about the deep, awesome power within your values.

Eight steps to start-run-grow-harvest a business:

Glidden Oysters, West Bank, Damariscotta RiverTrailblazer FruitSakata Corn ProcessingOmnexDrinks.jpg

Step 1:  Be willing to serve.  Question: How do I stand out in the crowd?
                   Meet Barbara Scully of Maine.  More from Maine...
Step 2:  Knock on Doors. Key Question: How do I get my first sale? 
                   Meet Ken Duncan in Sydney.   More...
Step 3:  Do what you love to do.  Question: How do I make it through the
                   hard times?
  Visit Trailblazer Foods in Portland, Oregon.   More...
Step 4:  Refine a trend.  Key Question: How do I spot an opportunity?
                   Meet the owners of Wahoo's Fish Tacos.   More...
Step 5:  Control your supply chain. Key Question:   How do I keep growing?
                   Meet Bob Sakata of Brighton, Colorado   More...
Step 6:  Market on the web. Key Question: How do I increase profits?
                   Meet the Hardy Boat people.   More businesses in Maine...
Step 7:  Help Your Customers SucceedQuestion:  How do I keep them
                   coming back?
   Meet the Omnex family of Dearborn.  More...
Step 8:  Eat Dinner with Your Customers.  Meet the Opici family.  More...

Every family needs a business to focus on value & the future.

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