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Last Update: Monday September 27, 2021

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Executive Summary-Overview-Profile

This is a place for good business owners to be listed and linked.

Ella Williams, founder, Aegir Systems, Oxnard, CaliforniaRick Valencia, founder, CEO, Profitline, Inc., an ESOP company in San DiegoEbby Halliday created a $6+ Billion dollar/year business then gave it all away. You can learn a few things from Ebby!Sohrab Vossoughi, founder, Ziba Designs, Portland, Oregon

Meet some of the Storytellers

We can all become a good storyteller.  We simply need to be asked the right questions.  We all have rich stories filled with pains and joys, trials and tribulations.  These are the stories to encourage  each other to keep on keeping on. 

In this web environment, all the users will soon be vetting each other's story.  The best stories -- profoundly true and compelling -- will rise to the top.  These stories will be selected to be included within an episode of the show.  Every video clip is a key insight into a facet of what it takes to start, run and grow a wonderful business.

Some of those video clips will be so compelling, that the business owner and business will be invited to tell their story for an entire episode of the show by their local community.

That is the first step in the television broadcast process.

Yet, some of those episodes will be so compelling, that they are lifted up for national and global airings.  Those episodes are open to many  viewing publics who will vote for the finest business of their state, country and the world.

Watch television that teaches!

    Four Steps to start and run test
Step 1. Initial Idea $
Step 2. Start-up $$
Step 3. Incubate $$$
Step 4. On Your Own $$$$
   Four Steps to run and grow test
Step 5. Employer $$$
Step 6. Growth $$
Step 7. Sustainabilty $
Step 8. Exit at the top $$$$

Become Part of the Small Business Index of Learning Companies

Goals: The not-so-modest goals of Small Business School

4M new members of local public television stations through Small Business School.  

400K who become members of their local station's Producers' Club.

40K who are actively developing a profile with transcript and case study guide.

4K who are developing the video clips that will become television programming.

Everybody is becoming a producer. Cameras are abundant; the kids are learning to edit; production qualities will only get better. And, each of our local public television stations just may become the places where some of us learn how to do it for television.

A place to tell your story.  Everybody at Small Business School is encouraging every good person to tell their story. We are suggesting that every good business have a camera rolling (or digitizing) when special events are happening. Roll footage whenever you can and begin editing together special vignettes. Get ready because someday soon you may be selected for a local episode of the show!

Register.  We encourage all good business owners to register and then get your key people registered and together you develop your overview, transcript, case study guide and then a homepage to be displayed on this site.

This Queue is Dynamic.  You and your company will then be in the queue for consideration of a local episode of the show based on that information. Though you can opt to add your information to it, all the questions and answers are there to help you answer the questions from your own history, perspective and insight. You simply answer the same questions Hattie has asked business owners since 1994. All the questions are online. There'll be over 500 from which to select. There are a core group of questions that require an answer; all the rest of them are to get you to share your motivations and dreams, your successes and failures, so others can learn from you.

Transformation television.  All the people -- business owners and any employees and suppliers -- who become a member of their station will also be listed and linked from the SBS Index of Learning Companies. These are all very special small businesses. The goal is to have at least 400,000 profiles of the very best small businesses out of the 25 million in the USA. That is less than 2% and somewhat more than 1% of all owners. 

As the show increasingly becomes global, there may be even more from all the other countries throughout the world.  More...

The Vision.  This web site and production is self-selecting among all those people who are committed to lifelong learning and who operate their business with integrity and ethics. They are loved by their community and respected within their industry.  More...

An Open Letter.  We hope you have read this open letter about the importance of public television. Taken together, we are all advocates for all small businesses.

The Eightfold Way.  All the information with the web site and the weekly television show are organized within one of eight steps: four to start and run a business and four to run and grow a business. In each step owner/founders discuss how they got from one step to the next.

The Magic.  There is a magical part of of each episode and of this web site. You see people like yourself who had an idea for a business – that's an inspired moment. Yet, they act on it, and surprise themselves and everyone when it becomes successful. Here you find a thousand questions with their answers and video. You see how others overcame their obstacles and self-doubt.

IQ - QUAYS.  Today, every question and answer is being pulled into a one-to-five minute capsule so you can ask a question and get an array of answers. These are called Interactive Questions (IQ) within Question-Answer Arrays (QUAYS).

If you answer these Interactive Questions online, you'll be building pages – a profile – on this site. Once enough questions are answered, these answers can be reviewed first as a profile/overview, then as a study guide, and finally as a transcript. You can then request that they become public on this site.

Once they do, you are then part of those who will be considered for a local episode of the show.